Uncompromising leaders of the restored church are being made ready for the last hour. God is raising up an anointed army of bold witnesses. A people unafraid to declare His truth.
by Editor Jon Hanna

Tell The Truth - Lives Depend On It

Recently, I heard many people bad mouth a minister of the gospel for suggesting that America's sins have invited the wrath or judgement of God. It's true, God is a God of love, mercy and grace and this is one ex-junky, ex-thief, ex-derelict who is very thankful for that. Because of Jesus I am free today? No more needles in my veins, no more risking getting my head blown off climbing in or out of a window somewhere, no more having to raise my hand to ask a guard permission to go pee and no more standing on a street corner drinking a cold 40 ounce in 20 degree weather. I must have been crazy.

Man, I am thankful for the love, grace and mercy of Jesus that set me free. Very thankful!

But you must understand something. God is also a God of wrath and judgement. The Bible says that the wages of sin is death. Eternal death!

If we don't repent then God's grace don't flow. And if we're not getting His grace then we're hit.

But how can we repent if we don't know what to repent for. Somehow we must find out what God likes and dislikes. Somehow we must find out what He calls sin.

The way that God ordained for people to know the truth is for His people to seek Him in prayer, study His word the Bible and then tell it? especially those in a spiritual office.

However, right now it seems like the only thing that many ministers are speaking out against are ministers who are speaking out. How hypocritical is that?

The other night I heard three guests on a news program lamb basting Franklin Graham for declaring that the Muslim religion is evil. They said he wasn't being politically correct. They said he wasn't being religiously smart. Maybe not. But he was being truthful. He was declaring God's judgement, not his own. Keeping and declaring God's judgements doesn't mean your judgmental?it means your obedient.

The truth is that many people are going to hell because they believe in a lie of one sort or another. The greatest act of love is to reveal God's word to a deceived person especially in an hour when telling the truth may cost you your life. That's love honey and Jesus set the pace.

And you who have the truth, stop trying to preserve yourself. Make a stand for what's right. People's lives depend on it. Souls are hanging in the balance.

"And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32