GS Megaphone Is No Phony
Theresa Brenenhof

  The lyrics on their CD Out of My Mind are hosest and bold. These buys don't pull their punches.
I'm a frustrated, aggravated, agitated and annoyed individual. But at the same time peaceful, joyous, content, happy, satisfied, and amazed individual. What makes me come to these feelings is a follows:

You see, I am a BIG, no, I'm a HUGE, fan of Christian music. Christian music has helped strengthen and save my faith in more ways than I could ever count. I have actually felt God speaking to me, through the music at times. Is this not amazing and awesome??? The problem is that I get so frustrated and upset when so many, Christian artists water down the gospel, and tell others just what they want to hear, (or their managers for that matter.) Most Christian singers will so call 'speak' about God in their lyrics, but His holy name will not be found anywhere, high or low. Why? They say, because they can affect more people this way. Fair enough, but is that actually the truth? Highly doubtful. Is this really showing love?? Did the disciples act this way in the Bible? Beat around the bush, hoping to somehow affect the people that way? No, they told the people the truth no matter what the cost. I realize that at the same time I cannot judge anyone, but it makes it all more the confusing as a struggling or new Christian.

Anyway, to get to the point, I would like to please, please, draw your attention to an amazing Christian band that is HOT FOR GOD. I am in no way related to the band or know any of the band members personally. The band is, God Size megaphone. (Or known as GS megaphone) This is definitely a CD (called, Out of My Mind) to be heard and promoted. Their lyrics are soul searching, heart wrenching, and most importantly reflects Christ. I am so fussy when it comes to my Christian music and they sure beat all, hands down no questions asked. The lyrics are packed with message of hope in a dark world. You can tell they put God first when writing the songs and are so thankful for what God has done in their life it reflects in their music. Their music is similar to Creed, but it honestly cannot be compared to any band I have heard because they are so incredible. GS megaphone is AWESOME!

I wrote this because I care for the hurting world, and music has such a HUGE impact on people's lives. There are plenty of wandering sheep out there, looking for their shepherd on the straight and narrow, myself included.