Bush Appointment Betrays American Values

(AgapePress) - The leader of a pro-family organization based in Virginia says George W. Bush has proven to be far more pro-homosexual than even President Bill Clinton.

The Bush Administration has appointed another open homosexual to an ambassadorship. Just one week after terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, Secretary of State Colin Powell administered the oath of office to Michael E. Guest, a career foreign service officer, as U.S. ambassador to Romania. Guest will be the second open homosexual ever to represent America as a national ambassador. During the swearing-in ceremony for Guest, Powell acknowledged Guest's "domestic partner," who plans to live with Guest in Bucharest.

Guest's appointment and Senate confirmation has caused concern among many Christian supporters of the President. Bush's advisor Tim Goeglein talked about the appointment and the mixed signals it sends to those Christian supporters.

"Because I don't do personal issues and do not have a role in that, I am aware that [Guest's] appointment was made and I am aware of that concern," Goeglein says, "and it's my job as one of the deputy directors of public liaison to make sure that that concern is relayed to the powers that be - and I've done that."

Joe Glover, president of the Family Policy Network, says President Bush "betrayed American values" by sending Guest and his "partner" to the American embassy in Romania. He also says Guest's smooth confirmation process is due at least in part to manipulative tactics on the part of the Bush Administration.

"Apparently it's not enough for George Bush to establish a pro-homosexual administration here in America, but it looks like he's determined to spread his endorsement of that perversion to the rest of the world," Glover says.

"A lot of conservatives thought that Bush's arrival in Washington would mean the end of the homosexual activism in the White House that you saw in the Clinton Administration. It's just not so," he says. "In fact, it took seven years for Bill Clinton to get a homosexual ambassador - but George Bush has done it in just over seven months."

Homosexual James Hormel was appointed ambassador to Luxemborg by Bill Clinton after seven years of opposition from conservative Republicans in the Senate.

According to an article published in The Washington Blade on September 22, homosexual activist Ken Ivers worked in concert with White House officials to hide Guest's immoral lifestyle. Guest's appointment now means the Bush Administration has appointed two open homosexuals to high-profile positions. The first was AIDS Policy Director Scott Evertz earlier this year.