A First-Hand Account of The World Trade Center Disaster
by Sujo John

  Mini and Sujo John Worked at the World Trade Center towers.
It is a miracle that I am alive. We used to work in the World Trade Center. I worked on the 81st floor in Tower One and my wife, Mini, worked on the 71st floor of Tower Two.

On September 11, I reached my office at 7:30a.m.. At 8:45, I had just faxed some documents and was returning to my desk when I heard a loud explosion. Our building shook and tilted. Screams went all over our floor. The first aircraft hit the floor above us. Soon debris from the aircraft flew into our office and everything started to go up in flames.

Everyone held their calm as we made our way to the stairway. At that moment my heart sank, as I had no clue if the plane had hit our tower or the one my wife was working in. She should have been about to enter the building since she started work at 9a.m.

We were all being evacuated through the stairway. My cell phone would not work so I had no way to reach my wife. As I came down I entered an office on the 53rd floor and tried to make some calls. The only number I could reach was my cousin's wife who lived in Queens, N.Y. I told her that I was fine and that I was coming down the stairs but that I was really worried about my wife. Then I continued my run down the stairs. As we were going down there were hundreds of firemen and policemen going up to rescue people who were trapped. These brave men will never make it to their homes.

We were escorted through the exit of Tower Two, and I had just reached the revolving door when I heard a loud explosion and the whole building collapsed. Boulders and mortar were flying everywhere. A few of us huddled at one end of the building and God gave me this strength that saw me through. I started pleading the blood of Jesus and told the people around me to call upon the name of Christ. Everyone started crying, "Jesus!" When people are near death, they are so ready to accept our Jesus.

By then the whole building had fallen and we were in the debris. Nothing had fallen on me. I found myself in 3 feet of soot. I got up. There was silence. I could see dead bodies all over. God directed me to a guy on the ground who had a searchlight on. I picked him up and told him that only Jesus could save us and that we had to live. When he was up I saw "FBI" written on his jacket. We held hands and started walking though the rubble.

We could not see anything. It was like a snow blizzard, all the concrete and ash flying all over. The Holy Spirit showed me a light flashing on top of an ambulance so I told this FBI agent that we needed to head in that direction. We somehow made it to the ambulance, which had been hit badly by flying debris?but I believe God had kept the light flashing just for me. That light saved our lives. From there, we were able to make our way out.

But I was still gripped with worry about Mini. I feared she must be dead.

Crowds were running everywhere. We ran and walked for an hour. My phone had not worked all morning, but it rang at noon. It was Mini. She was alive. She had never made it to the tower-her train reached the site five minutes after the first crash.

We met each other at 39th Street, where we looked back and watched the smoke rise above the ashes. I cannot explain the sense of relief that we had when we saw each other.

God is so good. This story of ours is too good to be true. I have no scratch on my body. Let me tell you something, friends: God knows the count of our hairs, and He never sleeps or slumbers.

He is coming soon. Live each day as if it could be your last.

Editor's Note: Sujo told me of an e-mail he sent just after he arrived for work on Sept. 11. In it he told his friends that he felt that his opportunity to minister the gospel of Jesus was limited and asked for prayers so that God would give him more opportunity. Now, Sujo is booked to speak of God's grace and mercy at churches all over America well into next year.