A Dangerous Misconception
by Ben Kinchlow

One definition of "conception" is: "the image, idea, of any action or thing which is formed in the mind; the product of a rational belief or judgment."

"Misconception" can be defined as: "a mistaken thought, idea, or notion, an erroneous conception; or false opinion, or an incorrect conception."

We could, therefore, say that it is possible to have a thought or an idea, based on "a rational belief or judgment" that is totally incorrect. The challenge is to ensure that any actions we take are based on actual truth, as opposed to what we assume to be truth.

Generally speaking, misconceptions are harmless, unless actions are based upon this erroneous thought, idea, or notion. It is, however, especially dangerous when it potentially involves, as in this case, the life of a nation or even a civilization.

Human beings tend to attribute their own personal motives, feelings, and emotional responses to other human beings. We find it difficult to conceive of vicious acts of random cruelty. After all, "I wouldn't do such a thing!" We can, therefore, "understand" how a group of people would act because we think, "that's what we would do!" under similar circumstances.

We come now to the current threat to western civilization, and I use that phrase advisedly. I realize some would label this "alarmist". We are engaged in a struggle for our way of life, and we have been for the last several years. Individuals committed to the overthrow of everything modern are the perpetrators of this radical new threat. They view "destiny" as "inshallah", the will of Allah, and their goal is the destruction of the "West", epitomized by the "Great Satan", the United States of America. Israel, as the only democratic society in this area, is demonized as "Little Satan", subject to the same fate...destruction. It is a critical, and potentially fatal, error on our part to fail to recognize this truth. The perpetrators' commitment is predicated on their "knowledge" that any Muslim killed in a Jihad (against the infidels) ascends to Paradise immediately (Surat 51:2).

Western civilization is founded upon the Biblical principles of the Judeo-Christian system of thought. The American system, in its particular orientation, is an outgrowth of the British system of individual rights, as expressed in the Magna Carta. America practices a system of laws that most clearly incorporate Biblical principles, and has produced the greatest degree of human liberty known to mankind. This liberty is particularly offensive to those to whom individual freedoms are anathema.

Such specific western values as mercy, truth, compassion, and personal freedoms are the foundation principles of our society, but they are basically alien or totally lacking in the foundations of almost every other philosophical, cultural, or political system. This is especially true as it relates to the radical elements of Islam. However, it must be noted... one basic tenant of Islam is that there are basically only two states of existence. One is "DAR al-SALAAM" ("the household of submission"), which means Muslims, and any territory governed by Muslims, must be under the SHARI'A (Muslim law). All other lands lacking the rule of Islam/Allah are referred to as DAR al-HARB ("the household of warfare").

Basically, this mean any territory not occupied by Islam must, therefore, be subject to Jihad. Christianity expands through conversions. Islam is spread through territorial conquest. Once a land or territory is controlled by Islam, it must ever remain Islamic. Any territory lost "diminishes Allah", and must, therefore, be retaken. It is probably a mistake to conclude that treaties signed, or businesses negotiated, with the true adherents of Islam will be honored if they do not accrue to the benefit of the Muslim nation. The Muslim Holy City, Mecca, was itself taken by Mohammed through treachery. After two failed military attempts, he pledged a peaceful pilgrimage and signed a ten-year treaty with the Meccans. After only two years, he broke the treaty he himself had signed with the original inhabitants, and conquered Mecca.

In other words, in all relations between Muslim nations and non-Muslim nations, there can exist only the concept of DAR al-SALAAM or DAR al-HARB.

Since most thinking processes are influenced by culture, we must be aware that the West, and Americans in particular, are influenced by our Judeo-Christian outlook. We have mistakenly assumed that, cultural or language differences aside, we all are "the same", i.e., possessing the same basic humanitarian outlook. However, much of what is considered "humane" and "reasonable" by the Judeo Christian worldview, is viewed as "weak" and "without resolve" by those who do not subscribe to our value system. True civilized behavior is anchored irrevocably in the concept of human value. That, unfortunately, is almost exclusively a Judeo Christian concept.

It would be a grave misconception to assume these same philosophical, political values in other nations with differing ideological outlooks and systems. It would be a fatal blunder to commit our survival to a simple trust in their basic humanity.

A dangerous misconception, indeed.