Letter from the Editor

For the sake of unity and inclusion many leaders of the Christian church are tolerating other doctorines and unwittingly validating what God calls evil. (II John 9-11) –by Editor, Jon Hanna

Did you hear the one about the Jew, the Catholic and the Muslim? It's no joke. I heard an announcer on a new, supposedly Christian, radio station invite listeners to attend a prayer meeting with these three guys.

In the New Testament Paul instructs Timothy to warn some that they teach no other doctrine. The Holy Bible instructs us to beware of other gospels and doctrines that are contrary to the gospel or good news of Jesus Christ. The good news of Jesus Christ is that He is God's only begotten Son and that only Jesus can take away our sins. The true believer understands that there is no other way to obtain forgiveness of sins than to accept God's unearned, undeserved mercy by faith, because of the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus.

Every other religion in the world teaches that there is some other way to be right with God. However, only God's word, the Holy Bible teaches that salvation comes as a gift from God and not by works, lest any man should boast. (Eph. 2:8&9)

I was once a member of a Christian church where the Pastor decided to invite a Catholic Bishop to speak. The pastor sought my counsel on this issue on two separate occasions and each time I warned him of their anti-Christ doctrines. The pastor's intentions were noble, as he only wanted to absorb Catholics into his church. However, I heard of at least one woman who attended one of his special Catholic services and then decided to go back to the Catholic church after years of absence. Her blood is now on his hands. (Ezek. 33:8)

Some weeks later, the Catholic Pope issued a decree called 'Dominus Jesus' where he reiterated what I was taught as a young Catholic boy. He wrote that Jesus is only the beginning of salvation, and that the fullness of salvation can only be found in the Catholic church. He declared all other churches to be in error.

The Holy Bible makes it clear that anyone who teaches another way to find the fullness of salvation other than through Jesus Christ is teaching a false doctrine. Any church that teaches you to pray 100 of 'these prayers' and 50 of 'those prayers' to atone for sin is teaching an anti-Christ doctrine. Any church that teaches you that there is a place where you go after you die that removes the stain of sin from your soul, before you can enter heaven, is teaching an anti-Christ doctrine.

Recently, I was invited to a meeting where religious leaders were planning a special prayer event for our region. One of those in attendance was a Catholic priest who told me that he agreed with the Pope's statements in 'Dominus Jesus'. (Some Catholics follow Jesus and disagree with the Pope.)

Now, here I was at a meeting where I knew that some believed Jesus to be the only name under heaven whereby we must be saved and here was a man telling me that he agreed with his Pope that the Catholic church was the fullness of salvation, not Jesus.

I motioned to the group that we should all humble ourselves and repent for how we've compromised God's truth for the sake of unity, tolerance and inclusion. The host of the meeting eventually looked at me and asked, 'What is truth?'. (John 18:37&38)

He later reached his arm around the Catholic and said, "This is my brother. He always stands with me." He then added, "Those guardians of God's word never do."

Personally, what I've discovered over the past 18 months is that those who espouse unity, tolerance and inclusion, unwittingly reveal their hypocrisy as they refuse to tolerate or include those of us who declare the exclusiveness of Jesus Christ. (John 14:6)

True believers of Jesus Christ will come under more and greater attacks by the status quo churches, politically correct left wing organizations and secular governments. However, the true followers of the faith will only begin to shine brighter and brighter. It's important that we love everybody, God does. However, we don't have to compromise God's word to do it. See "Warning To All Christians " on the front page for more information. Also see "Tolerance vs. Pluralism" page 30.