Book Review

Business Proverbs: Daily Wisdom For The Workplace

Have you borrowed money to finance your business? Do you faithfully give your customers a full measure of your product or service? Have you ever rushed into a poor business decision?

If you have ever wondered if God is concerned about how you run your business or how you act as an employee, Steve Marr's new devotional, Business Proverbs: Daily Wisdom for the Workplace (Revell, 0-8007-5794-7, $8.99 paper, $15.99 cloth) will reassure you that God's Word is full of exhortations and proverbs that will guide business owners, managers, and employees in business-related decisions. Marr states that, "the Scripture is filled with wisdom for every aspect of our lives. So often business people fail to grasp the biblical wisdom that will make them successful in the market place."

Marr begins each of his devotionals with a question that touches upon the financial, moral, and ethical issues that those in business must face. He then provides an applicable Scripture verse, a thought for the day, and a verse from Proverbs that speaks to the very heart of the issue.

As the host of the radio program Business Proverbs, the president of Business Proverbs Management, and the former CEO of the fourth largest import-export firm in the United States, Steve Marr is amply qualified to share what he has learned in his own business dealings. "As Christians, we must glorify God in our work environment as well as in the rest of our lives," says Marr. "If we want to be a witness in our work place, we must keep our work commitments."

These devotionals are adapted from his radio program, Business Proverbs, which is currently heard on more than 900 radio stations nationwide.

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