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"Why My Spouse Is So Special To Me"

Saved For The Wedding Day

My husband Ryan is so special because I know God made him just for me!

We met almost 7 years ago, but Ryan had been a part of my life long before then. I had been praying for him everyday. I prayed that God would watch over him and keep him safe and healthy. I prayed that he would love the Lord as I did. And I prayed that God would help my future husband to save himself for me, for our wedding night, just as I was waiting to share that special gift with him.

We finally met in June 1995. I was 18 and he was 22. As we got to know each other, I found out in many ways that God had been answering my prayers for my future husband. We had so much in common and the best part was that neither of us had been in a relationship before, in fact Ryan was my first date! By our third date I knew that this was the man I had been praying for. After dating for a year we got engaged. Two years later we experienced the "best day of our life" when we were married.

By Kelly Smeltz, Akron, Ohio

The Heart Of A Diligent Wife

My wife, Lynn is special because she has been a wonderful wife and friend for 28 years. Besides working as a loan clerk, she cleans the house, runs to the store, and does all these enormous piles of laundry, and spends endless hours folding underwear and socks. She also finds time to plant vegetable and herb gardens, can vegetables, and make everyone's favorite salsa.

She is always there for me and our three children and anyone who needs a friend with a good ear and soft shoulder. And, after taking care of everyone, Lynn still has the time to do crosswords, practice her computer skills, and use her creative talent to make her own greeting cards, do scrapbooking, and other types of crafts. She surely uses the gifts God has blessed her with to enrich the lives of all that know her, as well as her own.

Lynn is special though, not so much for what she does, but rather for who she is ? a loving, giving heart ? God's beautiful gift to me, our children, and to the world.

By Joseph E. Cheslock, Cuyahoga Falls

Bliss In The Twilight Years

My husband is very special, not only to me, but to others who know him. We met at church, he was widowed for 7 years, and I for 3 years. Little did we realize but our Lord had a plan.

We had grown children and grandchildren. He had been married for 47 years and I for 40?who would have thought.

My Jackie (affectionately called) is one of the most godly, loving, caring our Lord ever created, and very humble.

Our courting has such amazing witness. God brought all our thoughts and desires together.

He serves our Lord in every way. He accepted my family in every way. We work together at church in several ministries and love it. We do everything together which is a blessing for me. He sees the good in all people and all situations.

In spite of his age 84, and several health problems, he has a great attitude. He is my gift from the Lord.

His favorite scripture is in Philippians 2 verses 3&4. Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.

This love affair is all because of the love of our Lord for us.

He's my Jackie. Praise the Lord for meeting our needs in this our twilight years.

By Eileen Scharsu, Mentor, Ohio