Let God Carry Your Burden
by Danita Harris

One of my favorite gospel singers is Minister Gary Oliver. If you've ever heard him minister in song, you know he can truly usher you into a spirit of praise and worship. There's one song in particular that he sings that always reminds me of how loving and merciful God is..."Cast All Your Cares". It says, "Cast all your cares upon the Lord for He cares for you, and He knows what you're going through. Why don't you cast all your cares upon the Lord." Not only is the melody just beautiful, but the words go straight to my heart and spirit. Tears begin to flow down my face as I listen and sing along because God is so good in spite of myself. Psalms116:5 says, "The Lord is merciful and good. Our God is compassionate." When we're going through trials and we're having a "valley experience" that is not the time to turn away from God. That's when we should seek Him even more. He is there waiting for us to share our thoughts, fears, and disappointments with Him.

Some of you who are reading this may have made a New Year's resolution to lose weight because you're tired of carrying around those extra pounds. You don't like the way it makes you look and therefore you don't feel good about yourself physically. Well what about those emotional issues and baggage that you keep carrying from year to year to year? Those things you say you are so "sick and tired" of and yet you hold on to them. It's weighing you down, burdening your spirit...you're heavy. You realize all of this and yet you go to everyone and everything except God. You tell yourself, "I can't tell God about this because I'm ashamed of the wrongs I've done." Or you do go to the Lord in prayer and say "God, I'm giving my burdens and issues to you. I trust You to help me handle this situation." Only to take it back and try to handle it ALL BY YOURSELF when you think God's not working fast enough. Ouch! Did I step on some toes? Thankfully, God's time is not OUR time, but we know He is always ON TIME! So stop checking your watch.

If you are honest enough to admit that you're carrying excess baggage into this new year, then it's time for you to:

1.Get sick and tired of being sick and tired

2.Stop running from God

3.Read and Apply 1Peter5:7 "Leave all your worries with Him because He cares for you."

4.Wait on the Lord

When we cast our cares upon the Lord we should LEAVE them there and not constantly worry about them. Remember Psalms13:8-9 "The Lord is merciful and loving, slow to become angry and full of constant love. He does not keep on rebuking; He is not angry forever." Whatever it is God already knows about it but He wants you to talk to Him. If you need forgiveness, repent and God will wash you white as snow. Just don't pick that issue up again!

We must also learn how to wait upon the Lord. When you surrender things to God, believe that He is working it out for your good. Psalms40:1-2 "I waited patiently for the Lord's help; then He listened to me and heard my cry. He pulled me out of a dangerous pit, out of deadly quicksand. He set me safely on a rock and made me secure."

You see, just like we run to the gym to try to lose weight so that we can look good in our clothes, we should also want to shed the emotional baggage that weighs us down spiritually. So run to the Lord and talk to Him. While you're shedding calories on your treadmill, read the word of God so that you can be built up spiritually. What good is it to be physically fit and spiritually out of shape?

Don't you think it's time for you to drop the weight? Are you "sick and tired" of being "sick and tired"? Tae-Bo's not going to fix it. A new wardrobe ain't gonna cut it. And no matter how much friends and family love you, they can't touch it.

Cast all your cares upon the Lord. For He cares for you and He knows what you're going through. Why don't you cast all your cares upon the Lord?

Danita Harris is an anchor at WEWS News Channel Five and can be seen daily on Good Morning Cleveland and News Channel Five at Noon. She loves to write poetry, sing, and volunteer with The Girls Club of Ohio. Danita loves to encourage people in the Lord, and prays everyday that people would see the light of the Lord in her life.

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