Your argument is not with me, Alan. Your argument is with God.

-Country singer Charlie Daniels, responding to TV talk-show host Alan Colmes' criticism of Daniels' assertion that homosexuality, abortion and the ACLU are destructive influences on American culture. Hannity & Colmes, Oct. 30, 2001.

My mother was in the north tower of the World Trade Center, but I still feel absolutely no remorse about what happened?.I'm willing to kill Americans.

-Native-born American citizen Mohammad Junaid, 26, whose mother was rescued in the Sept. 11 attacks, pledging allegiance to the Taliban en route to Afghanistan to join the war effort. The Daily Telegraph, Nov. 2001

"What the President did is immoral, it is illicit, it is unacceptable. He is not pro-life, and anyone who attempts to defend him at this point is directly involved in trying to destroy the (pro-life) movement. I'm very sorry that that's happening, but ? if that's the price we have to pay for standing up for the truth, then it's time that the movement was redefined."

-Judy Brown of the American Life League, responding to President Bush allowing stem cell research on already aborted babies.

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