Book Review - Fire on the Mountain

Messianic Jewish Publications, 268 pages, paperback, $17.99
by Louis Goldberg, Ph,D., Lederer


If believers are faithful to follow the directions for revival outlined in 2 Chronicles 7:14, will the result be an awakening in their congregations, communities or the nation? Louis Goldberg, PH.D., a leading Messianic Jewish author and former professor of theology and Jewish studies at Moody Bible Institute, says Christians cannot overlook the key element to revival: God's divine timing.

In his book Fire on the Mountain, Goldberg examines the past renewals of Israel as recorded in the Old Testament, which is what he believes is the best textbook on how God spiritually awakens His people. From Moses in the wilderness to Nehemiah's reconstruction of the wall, Goldberg studies the individual accounts of eight different men called of God and perfectly positioned by God to lead the nation of Israel into renewal. He explains the obligations and the call of spiritual renewal, not only as it affected Israel long ago, but also as it relates to believers today.

Goldberg asserts that any awakening is never self-sustaining, and therefore each generation, as well as each individual, must learn to seek God earnestly and wholeheartedly walk in His ways. Seeking spiritual renewal is not merely for the blessing of the body of Christ, he writes, but that there may be evangelistic outreach, thereby changing congregations, communities and the nation.

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