Where Are You Going After The Superbowl?

Real Life Winner, Aeneas Williams, St. Louis Rams,
By Doug Greengard

Aeneas Williams
Aeneas Williams of the St. Louis Rams believes actions speak louder than words. Combining his talent with an impeccable work ethic, Williams has commanded the respect of those around the National Football League. Since he came into the NFL as a rookie in 1991, the former Southern University standout has made an immediate impact. During the 1994 season, his nine interceptions tied him for the league lead. Among cornerbacks in the National Football Conference, he's led or been tied for the most interceptions three times. Williams has earned the reputation as one of the league's premier defensive backs and has been voted to the Pro Bowl squad the last five seasons.

But off the field is where Williams feels he has his greatest success; that comes in showing the love of Jesus Christ to others. "I find that He glorifies himself through us," said Williams, whose six interceptions returned for touchdowns are an all-time record with the Arizona Cardinals, where he spent the first 10 years of his professional career. "People who are hungry come to trees that have good fruit on them That's why it's so important to use the platform the Lord has given me to show others what a Christian lifestyle is all about. For my teammates, it's very important for me that they see an example of Jesus Christ. That's the only authentic thing most people ever come across."

Williams knows others will be watching his actions very closely. That's a responsibility he enjoys. But he also knows a public showing is only a small part of his walk with the Lord. "I've learned integrity when no one else is around," he said. "It's very important how I look when no one is watching." After his playing days, Williams is prepared to pastor a church. He became a licensed minister during the off-season in 1998.

Williams hasn't always known Jesus Christ. He grew up admiring-and emulating his big brother Achilles. Williams even turned down an academic scholarship to Dartmouth to follow his brother to Southern University. Football wasn't in his plans-pursuing student government was. But soon thereafter, Williams found himself playing, and starting, for the Jaguars. During his collegiate career a teammate began sharing God's word with him and in 1989 Williams accepted the gift of eternal salvation by making Jesus Lord and Savior of his life. He no longer judged himself by others standards-focusing only on what a loving God has to say about him. Like Jesus, Williams has grown in wisdom and in stature. "You grow as you grow with the Lord," he says. "Now in my walk I have an automatic response to righteousness. When I learn something new in the ways of God then I walk in it right away."

Doug Greengard is the host/producer of the Christian Sports Minute, a radio feature airing on more than 300 stations nationwide and in Canada. Website: www.christiansportsminute.com.

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