Attacking Divorce, Local Housewife and Medical Professional Leads Marital Crusade

Cheryl Key and Jennifer Wilson go on the offensive to preserve marriages in Northeast Ohio.
Jennifer Wilson, a University Heights housewife, and Cheryl Key, a medical professional from Maple Heights have organized the Married Christian Women's Association. The organization is based on the premise of seasoned women who have been married on average 25 years sharing their views and thoughts with those of less tenure. By bridging the gap between the previous generation, who viewed divorce as the unthinkable and today's generation, who views it as common place; they hope to assist and create a stronger marital foundation for its participants.

The association recognized that most marital situations are not ideal. "What you thought you married isn't necessarily what you got; marrying the man of your dreams may wake you up to a hellish nightmare. For many women, they're advisors are family, friends, and co-workers who are not and haven't been happily married for any substantial length of time. It is the blind leading the blind - destination divorce court", Wilson said.

M.C.W.A. held its first meeting November 17th. The speakers were Erma Prahter, a Cleveland Public School teacher married 52 years and Denise Ruffin, a minister's wife and mother of five. Speakers for M.C.W.A. come from all walks of life and different backgrounds. Their levels of education and occupations vary. However, these God fearing women have one important thing in common; a successful marriage anchored by biblical principles.

The Married Christian Women's Association meets every second Saturday of the month at the University Heights Library 13866 Cedar Road from 10:00 to 11:00am. Call (216)932-4555 to RSVP. There are no cost associated with the meetings.

Divorce is occurring at an alarming rate. One out of every two marriages end and Christian homes are not exempt, explained Jennifer Wilson. More and more Christians are using the excuse that God didn't put the marriage together. God allows us to choose our mate just as He allows us to choose salvation. We work out our salvation through Christ. So, why not allow Him to work out our marriages. Let's stop going to church pretending to be happily married when we're arguing all the way to its doors.

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