Biblical Spoofs of Secular Music Grab Center Stage with National Christian Rock Band APOLOGETIX Concert

They're the Christian version of "Weird Al" Yankovic, and they are internationally known Christian rock band ApologetiX "That Christian Parody Band" (, and they will be coming soon to Brunswick, Ohio. (see ad on this page) This chart topping group specializes in Biblical spoofs of both classic and modern rock songs.

A mainstay of the Christian music circuit, ApologetiX plays concerts at venues all over the United States and frequently performs at large, "Woodstock-type" Christian music festivals. Last year, they played main stage at Creation 2000 in Pennsylvania, with an estimated attendance of 75,000. The band's six CDs are available at Best Buy and Christian bookstores nationwide. The CDs are also available online through and

The latest ApologetiX release, Keep the Change, features 19 parodies of old and new favorites ranging from the Beatles to Eminem. Weird Al Yankovic's drummer, Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, played drums for the band on their previous CD, Biblical Graffiti, Having written over 400 Biblical parodies from the Monkee to Metallica, ApologetiX shows no sign of slowing down. CCM Update and its Sound Scan report showed Keep the Change CD charting in the 20 "Christian Retail Best-Sellers" list for 3 weeks!

"Just because it's funny doesn't mean it isn't true," says ApologetiX leadsinger and lyricist, J. Jackson. "Our main mission is to teach Christians and reach non-Christians with our Biblical parodies. We're not trying to sanitize the world of rock or to plunder its riches. In the Bible, Jesus called His disciples to be fishers of men. We've just found that parodies make pretty good bait."

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