"He's an honorable, forgiving and just God. When we make mistakes He also punishes us. That's what a loving father is all about. He corrects us when we're wrong. He's a loving God. He's the best 'daddy' in the world."

-Former child actor Lauren Chapin, who played Kitten on 'Father Knows Best' television, show which originally aired in the '50's. Lauren accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior on March 18, 1979, after years of prostitution and heroine addiction. Her quote is from an edition of True Hollywood.

"Your government, and I include myself, have been lukewarm. Our lukewarmness in government has killed over 40 million babies."

-New Jersey Congressman, Chris Smith said he and his fellow lawmakers haven't been tough enough in the fight to save children in the womb from being murdered.

"No touchdown, no home run, no stolen base, no tackle, no interception could compare to me leading someone to Christ. Nothing can compare to that. Nothing comes close."

-Deion Sanders, Formerly known as "Prime Time" during his glory days with the Dallas Cowboys. He is the only athlete to play in both the World Series and the Super Bowl.

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