Homosexual Crusade to 'Redefine Normalcy'
by Jim Brown

(AgapePress) - A former presidential candidate says the militant homosexual movement is on that attack and warns Christians they must realize the homosexual agenda is targeting their children and their faith.

In Connecticut, two pro-homosexual bills have been introduced in the General Assembly - one permitting Vermont-style civil unions, and another that would allow homosexual "marriages." However, the ranking Republican on the Connecticut House Judiciary Committee is reportedly in favor of the legislation. Gary Bauer, chairman of Campaign for Working Families, says too many conservative politicians are running for cover.

"A lot of conservatives and pro-family people, on the one hand, just feel beaten down on this issue. And second ... they really don't hear anything from pro-family politicians that encourage them in this battle against the radical gay-rights agenda," Bauer says. "I think we're dealing with a morale problem in the ranks, and just a sense of losing this battle, slowly but surely, for lack of any political support."

Bauer says "the radical left will continue its unrelenting drive to redefine normalcy" until Christians speak up or give up.

And while prayer and Bible reading may be outlawed from America's public schools, pro-homosexual propaganda is not - even to the youngest of school children. Bauer says most Americans are willing to follow a philosophy of "live and let live," so on occasions they may not want to hear about this controversy. On the other hand, he says many Americans are realizing that the homosexual agenda is going to be forced on their children.

"There is something deeply disturbing that a child can't read the Ten Commandments in a classroom, but in an increasing number of schools they're being exposed to explicit material about the gay lifestyle," he says. Bauer says Christians must first pray about this issue and be very aware of what is happening in school textbooks and sex-education courses. He says parents should talk very carefully to their children about these things.

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