Freed From The Mormonism and Latter Day Saints Cult

Judy Robertson
Jim and Judy Robertson left their Christian roots and joined the Mormon Church in 1967. Once drawn into the church, the Robertsons quickly gained leadership positions, only to later become disillusioned with the teachings and demands of the church. In 1973, heartache turned to joy when they rediscovered the Jesus of the Bible. The following excerpts are taken from Judy's personal account, Out of Mormonism.

Becoming a Mormon

The missionaries' stories failed to impress us, but the Mormon lifestyle did. It seemed impeccable. At a vulnerable time in our lives, we were drawn to their exemplary family. We thought there must be more to their religion than just a weird story. "It can't hurt to listen [to the missionaries]," my husband reasoned. "Besides, we don't want to offend them."

With our skimpy knowledge of the Bible, we accepted, unchallenged, their explanation for certain Scriptures. We swallowed the alluring bait - hook, line and sinker.

Impressed with the trappings of Mormonism, I felt sure this was the only true church. My eyes were blinded by the shiny package of a church whose members seemed to be on the inside track with God, and I would begin running with them.

Living the Lifestyle

We renounced all the vices forbidden in the Word of Wisdom - including drinking coffee and tea. We had to "repent" of these things. It was a measuring rod to determine in part our personal worthiness to become members. An avid coffee drinker, this was no easy abstinence for me ? I was miserable. But I knew I must keep the Word of Wisdom to be able to enter the temple.

No longer would we attend First Christian Church, where family and friends worshiped. The friendships we enjoyed in Jaycees and Jaycettes wouldn't fit in with our new Mormon lifestyle either. Even family gatherings would become strained.

Our own marriage vows would have to be performed again in the temple, this time for "time and all eternity." Our children would have to be "sealed" to us, also, for eternity. But this could not happen for a year. We would have to be determined worthy at the end of our probationary time.

It wasn't easy trying to earn my way to heaven as LDS doctrine taught. Even so, I wore the smiling mask of Mormonism in front of others.


"You mean you've been having questions, too?"

"Yes," Jim sighed.

"But why didn't you tell me?"

"I was afraid to. You've always been so obedient to everything the leaders of the church said. I figured you wouldn't understand," he said.

"About a year ago, I decided that since I've never read through the Bible, I'd try to do it," Jim related. "The part in Genesis, chapter 3, about the serpent tempting Adam and Eve, and saying, 'You will be like God,' really caused me to think about what we are trying to achieve as Mormon men and women - to be gods of our own planets. But I dismissed that thought from my mind quickly. I kept reading on until I got to Isaiah 14," he continued. "Now that took me by surprise. It talks about Lucifer trying to exalt himself above the throne of God."

Jim talked fast, wanting to tell me the whole series of events. "On the way home from work one day, this thought was heavy on my mind about becoming a god. I picked up an article by David O. McKay [then church president]. He talked about being the liaison between man and God - as he was the current prophet, seer and revelator of the LDS church. The next morning, I picked up my Bible and flopped it open. My eyes fell on 1 Timothy 2:5, 'For there is one God and man, the man Christ Jesus.' I thought about the article by President McKay. Someone's got to be wrong. If there is only one God, then we can't become gods of our own planet as the church teaches. And if there's only one mediator, Christ Jesus, then the president of the church can't possibly be the go-between for us and God. It was then that I mentally left the church."

Far into the night we talked, agreeing on contradictions between what the church taught and what Jesus taught. It was as though God opened the floodgates and poured out His truth on us.

A Testimony of God's Love

Jim and I wandered off the path of historical Christianity in 1967 because Jesus was not the center of our lives. We had lacked a burning love for Him, and it was easy to be drawn into false teaching. We simply hadn't known whom we professed to follow.

I didn't know God's Word then - today, I do. It is my prayer that the good people in the Mormon Church will ? turn from their false religion that deceived them and follow Jesus only - the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Getting to know God for who He is, not a god who is far away and distant from the daily affairs of my life, has been worth everything. My life has meaning and purpose. It is satisfying and rewarding. And I don't need to wear myself out trying to meet the arbitrary goals set forth by men in an effort to please a god who is no god at all.

Jim and I begin our days in prayer for each other and for the ones who are still in darkness. Our lives bubble over with joy from knowing God alone - the one true God, who gives wisdom and knowledge and every good thing we have on this earth.

Used with permission from Rediscovering Jesus by Judy Robertson ? 2001 Bethany House Publishers. All Rights Reserved.

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