Pain, Rebellion and Satan Worship
by Sandy Mills of North Olmsted Ohio

I lived a "normal" life until I was thirteen and my two year old sister was killed by a truck. I remember cursing and screaming to God I'd never do anything He wanted again. I began to drink alcohol, take whatever drugs I could get my hands on and have sex with my "boyfriends". I also began to study witchcraft. My parents sent me to a girls school where I met a group of girls who were into worshiping Satan. We actually performed animal sacrifices, and cast spells on people we didn't like and boys we did.

The next twenty years were a downward spiral of the same, sex, drugs, alcohol, three divorces and several suicide attempts.

Then something strange began to happen. I'd be staggering from one bar to the next when complete strangers would come up to me and say things like "Did you know Jesus loves you?" I was living in a ghetto part of Cleveland, addicted to drugs, in an abusive marriage when I passed a tent revival one day. I remember stopping to listen for a minute and feeling something I still have trouble describing. I do know I wished I could be like the people in the tent. They all seemed so happy.

Soon after that, I got evicted from my apartment and moved into a house where my landlords were very nice Christian people. They kept inviting me to visit their church with them until finally, I went just so they'd leave me alone.

That night I walked into God's house and He was there! I felt His presence in a powerful way. He did heart surgery on me, in fact, He gave me a transplant. He delivered me from drugs and alcohol and completely changed every part of my life.

I have been clean and sober for eight years. I am now married to a wonderful Christian man. We have two daughters who love God and make us proud every day. We love our church and our church family. Praise God!

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