Your Silence On Issues Is Sin!

Founder of Institute says Christians' Silence equals Endorsement of Immorality
by Bill Fancher

(AgapePress) - With all the moral and ethical issues facing society today, one Christian advocate says the Church has been too quiet for too long.

Tony Nassif is director of the Politics and Faith Institute. Nassif says he would like to see more pulpits "aflame" with the message of church involvement in the issues of the day. He contends that when the Church does not speak out on the issues, it is already taking a stand.

"Silence endorses the worst of the alternatives," Nassif says. "For in doing so, we withhold our moral values, and thereby give strength to those values which are worse."

Nassif claims there is no middle ground for today's Church. He says people today either condone or disapprove what is happening by their actions. And he says because things are getting so bad, Christians can no longer afford to be silent because they owe it to the world to speak out.

"To remain silent when we have truth is like a doctor withholding the medicine of healing to a sick patient," he says.

Nassif's Institute works to mobilize churches to become involved and teach that same attitude to their membership.

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