Christian TV, Radio Available Through Unique Sky Angel

In December, Sky Angel celebrated its fifth anniversary of airing Christ-centered television and radio programming direct to its subscribers by way of direct broadcast satellite (DBS) technology.

The unique ministry opened the doors in 1996 for many people to receive a much broader selection of Christian-based television and radio. For the first time in history, people can "channel surf" across dozens of Christ-centered TV and radio channels.

Sky Angel satellite service first went on the air with six TV channels and three radio channels. Today, it offers 36 Christ-centered TV and radio channels airing Biblical teaching, ministry programs, shows for kids and teens, Christian conferences and concerts, wholesome classic sitcoms and movies, news from a Christian perspective, college-level distance learning programs and more.

According to Robert Johnson, founder and chairman of Dominion Sky Angel DBS Television and Radio System, in the past two decades, it has become increasingly difficult for Christian programming to find a home on traditional secular-owned television outlets.

"Back in 1979, I felt a calling on my life to create a mass communications platform for television and radio that would be devoted to Christian-based programming," says Johnson. He considers Sky Angel a God-given tool that is helping to unify and strengthen the Body of Christ and to equip the church for evangelism.

Using DBS satellite technology, Sky Angel bypasses all traditional means of television signal delivery, including cable. To receive the Sky Angel signal, a subscriber needs only an 18-inch satellite dish and a receiver box about the size of a VCR. Currently, the cost of equipment will probably range between $100 and $200. Sky Angel helps subscribers find a place to purchase equipment, either through the ministry or at local retailers. The subscription rate is $9 per month, and for a limited time, Sky Angel is offering a special lifelong subscription.

Acquiring its DBS license in 1984, Sky Angel is one of only three high-power DBS companies operating in the United States. Johnson says it is the only Christian organization in the world licensed by any government to own and operate a direct broadcast satellite system. All of the known Christian television and radio networks and programmers have been invited to provide uplifting family, Christian ministry and children's programs.

AFA Executive Assistant Buddy Smith says, "American Family Radio is pleased to be on Sky Angel. The airtime is provided free to us and other programmers. We want to let people know about this outstanding Christian media outlet. It's a win-win situation for everyone."

"We are dedicated to one sole purpose," says Johnson, "to bring the church together in unity so that the life-changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ can be delivered to every home in America and eventually every nation."

Reprinted by permission, AFA Journal, (662)844-5036,

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