Know Peace Rocks Cleveland

Local Band heads for New York as finalists in talent search.
by Jon Hanna

Know Peace - homegrown rock-n-roll
Northeast Ohio band, 'Know Peace' was formed in October 1999, and features a little lady with a big voice, singer, songwriter Amanda Yoder. On April 6th, the band celebrated the release of their new self-titled CD at the Rainbow Family Book Center in Maple Heights.

After winning a regional talent search, 'Know Peace' has recently been selected to perform in the final round of the 2002, Kingdom Bound Festival talent search this summer in New York. Last summer they performed at a national convention at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville.

'Know Peace' has only been together for two and a half years and already they are gaining favorable attention. They were featured in a Cleveland Plain Dealer article that was later picked up nationally.

Currently, they perform at area festivals, coffee houses, churches and youth events. However, with the release of their freshman CD, more doors are likely to open for them outside of the area.

Their new CD is an original collection of songs having an old time rock-n-roll flavor, yet enough variety to keep it from being boring, and the contemporary vocals of Amanda Yoder makes this project fresh. Although most of the CD presents a unique sound, Amanda's range occasionally hints of the familiar. The song 'Shine' is a little bit country and I don't think Reeba herself could've sounded any better.

Guitarists Curtis Marazzi sings lead vocals on 'Surround Me' which has an Eli-esque feel to it. However, what makes this a stand-out CD, besides the fact that band members are home-grown, are the lyrics. There's a real message in the music and many of the songs seem to be prayers produced exclusively for God's ear.

The final cut 'In The Spirit' starts out slow but in the end it'll make you want to sing. You may even want to dance.

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