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(AgapePress)...Students in one private California elementary school learned recently how to be "gay allies." The students at Park Day School in Oakland host "Care Week" every year to study a supposedly disenfranchised segment of society, and this year's theme was homosexuality. The kindergartners through sixth-graders heard from 45 different homosexual speakers about their lifestyle, and alleged injustices inflicted upon them because of their sexual orientation. Students were even assigned homework, ranging from essays on famous homosexuals to decorating their classrooms with rainbow flags and pictures of famous homosexuals.


(AgapePress) An Arkansas man who stages patriotic programs in schools says the old socialist saying, "You can't legislate morality," is one of the biggest lies ever perpetuated on America.

Schoolchildren across Arkansas are getting a lesson in patriotism, thanks to the efforts of Burnis Posey, a member of the American Legion in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Posey stages patriotic rallies in schools as part of the effort to put "In God We Trust" posters in all the state's classrooms. He says it is critical for all children to know that America's founding fathers intended to include God in everything they did.

Posey says one recent study of documents written by the framers of the U.S. Constitution found that 94% of the time, they used the Bible as a reference.

"That is the foundation of all our laws in this country (which are) based on the Judeo-Christian ethic," Posey says. "You can't separate religion from our form of government - that's in history. People may not like it, but that's the historical fact."

According to Posey, students and adults alike are beginning to realize that the mythical "separation of church and state" promoted by groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union is just that - a myth created to remove God from the public arena. And he says another myth has been foisted on the American public.

"There's a socialist saying that (says) you can't legislate morality - (but) morality's the only thing you can legislate," he says. "That's what every law is based on."


(AgapePress) ?National Review editor Rich Lowry says Saudi Arabia is trying to straddle the fence in the war on terror. While the Saudis support the campaign, Lowry charges they are a huge source of support for al-Qaida and other terror groups. He says they play a "double game" in which they rely on the U.S. to save them from threats like Saddam Hussein, while they protect and fund people like Osama bin Laden. It was Saudis who made up most of the hijackers of September 11, as well as most of the current detainees in Cuba; bin Laden himself is a Saudi. Some military experts believe Saudi Arabia is the main driving force in the terrorist world.


(AgapePress) The pro-life movement is seeing an increase in the number of young people joining its ranks. At the recent March for Life in Washington, D.C., young people provided the majority of the marchers. Bryan Kemper, director of Rock for Life, a pro-life group that used rock music to promote its message, says his organization is also seeing a huge influx of youthful pro-lifers that is beyond his wildest dreams and visions. Kemper, who reports the numbers have more than doubled from last year, says these kids are realizing that it is their generation that is being destroyed, one unborn child at a time.


(AgapePress) The commanding general of the U.S. Army's most elite soldiers says his Christian faith has sustained and guided him throughout his military career. Major General William Boykin is commander of the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, home of the elite Delta Force. According to Baptist Press, Boykin was a guest speaker at the recent National Faith Institute meeting in Daytona Beach, Florida. Boykin said he is a "warrior, not a peacekeeper," and that he heads into situations to win. He also told the packed sanctuary that his Christian faith has sustained and guided him throughout his military career. Boykin, who was one of the original officers in Delta Force, told the gathering that before every mission he prays with his men, asking God to put his protective hand around them. The General encouraged participants to pray for the nation, saying that this is not a war against Osama bin Laden, but against the forces of darkness.


(AgapePress) Pro-family advocate Gary Bauer believes the Republican Party may be on the brink of abandoning its stand against the radical social agenda of the Democrats.

Bauer indicates the signs of a major leftward shift in Republican philosophy are popping up on several fronts. He points to the recent Bush Administration selection of Lewis Eisenberg to be Party's chief fundraiser, a man conservatives have described as a promoter of both pro-abortion and pro-homosexual policies.

The pro-family spokesman has been quoted as calling Eisenberg's appointment "an insult." And as far as the effect on the party, Bauer says that if the GOP brings in money from pro-abortion or pro-homosexual camps, it is inevitable that it will paralyze the Republican Party when it has to represent pro-life or pro-family views. The result, he says, is "a party that is at war with itself."

Bauer also notes that in Pennsylvania and Ohio, pro-life candidates for governor have shocked and demoralized the pro-family base of the Party by picking pro-abortion running mates, who are liberal on other social issues as well. He says there is some speculation that this is a prelude to preparing the Republican Party for a pro-abortion vice-presidential running mate in 2004 or 2008.

Bauer also expressed concern over the fact that while many pro-family leaders may be worried about this GOP trend, few are speaking out publicly about it.


(AgapePress) In Butte, Montana, authorities are hoping the conviction of a 45-year-old homosexual on sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy in 1999 will help put him in prison for the rest of his life. Nathaniel Bar-Jonah now faces murder charges in connection with the death in 1996 of another boy who was just 10 years old. According to the Great Falls Tribune newspaper, families of young boys bar-Jonah assaulted in Massachusetts 25 years ago are expected to testify. Bar Jonah spent 11 years in a Massachusetts mental hospital before he was released to go live with his mother in Montana.


(AgapePress) Enrollment in Alabama public schools has seen a significant drop, and some attribute that to an increase in home schooling. In the past three years, enrollment in Alabama's public schools has declined by 12%. This comes despite a prediction in 1996 that enrollment would increase by that same amount. Some administrators were surprised by the decline, but some education experts think they know where the students are going - to private schools and to their own homes. John Giles of the Alabama Christian Coalition says home schooling is siphoning students away from public schools. Giles says the quality of education is greatly enhanced by home schooling, demonstrated by the fact that several recent winners of national spelling bees were home school children. He adds that there is a high degree of confidence, competence, and credibility that comes out of the home school community. Giles says many parents who choose to pull their children out of public school in favor of home schooling, do so for a variety of reasons, including the decline in quality in the public schools, and by what they see as the outright hostility towards Christianity.


(AgapePress) Pro-life Congressman Joe Pitts of Pennsylvania does not like the game of semantics he says cloning supporters are playing. He charges their claim of opposition to "reproductive cloning," in which a clone is brought to birth, will not help the chances of legalizing cloning for research purposes. He says the "pro-cloning crowd" wants to create the false distinction so they can continue cloning human beings, provided they do not grow up. In other words, he says, they want to clone human beings as long as they are used for experimentation and then destroyed. Pitts says the destruction of a human embryo for any reason is still the destruction of a human being.


(AgapePress) The American Family Association says it is sad that CBS Television found it necessary to include swear words in its documentary on the September 11 terrorist attacks. AFA President Don Wildmon says the producers could have elected to "bleep out" the offensive language, but instead chose to expose their audience to the vulgarity. Wildmon says it is part of the ongoing downward spiral of quality on network shows - and he says that is why AFA has started its e-mail alert system called and He says the AFA alert system will be used to voice the concern of members for the CBS broadcast.

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