Ezra Lusk, Motorcycle Racer

by Doug Greengard

To fans of motocross and super cross racing, Ezra Lusk is a household name. Considered one of the sport's premier riders, the Acworth, Georgia resident has literally amassed dozens of championships and honors since he turned professional in 1992. Since he began riding at five years old, Lusk aspired to be the best. "That's what drove me through life, pretty much, to be that number one guy," said Lusk. "But you get up to that level and you have to handle not winning, not being the best. At one point, I couldn't handle it."

Lusk needed things to change in his life. During the 2000 racing season, things did. First, he met his wife Jennifer. Then, he came in contact with a chaplain through Motor Racing Outreach, a ministry that helps racers with their spiritual needs. Soon after, Lusk, who grew up going to church but admits to only "going through the motions" up to that point, saw the need to re-commit his life to Jesus Christ. "Now, my number one focus everyday is the Lord," added Lusk, who won a total of nine major events in 1998 and 1999. "Once I started doing that-things haven't changed as far as my results go, but I didn't think it would-I'm a lot happier now. If I would quit racing tomorrow and not have accomplished my goals, there are other things that Christ is going to help me out with the rest of my life."

For now, racing is what he does. And despite a series of injuries that have forced him to miss several races over the past two years, Lusk is going just as full throttle as ever. In a sport where danger is at every turn, the former Amateur National Championship winner enjoys the peace and comfort he can only get from his Heavenly Father. "When I go out there to do what I do, most people think that I would be scared," Lusk said. "But I go out there and actually feel safe. I guess, you could say, it's in His hands."

These days, Lusk has put his safety-and his life-in God's hands; just the right person to handle his everyday challenges.

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