Reggie White Focusing on "Sacking Pornography"

by Bob Night

For years, Reggie White set his sights on tackling quarterbacks in the National Football League. He concluded a stellar career with the Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers and Carolina Panthers as the NFL record holder for career sacks.

Today, however, White said he is focusing on a far more insidious foe - pornography. In his effort to do so, the Tennessee native has launched the "National Campaign to Stop Pornography," an organization with two goals:

To bring awareness to the problem and help those involved in pornography receive counseling and education to help them overcome the problem, and;

To bring awareness to corporate America that profits from this weakness.

"I think it's time for us to start taking a stand for righteousness," White said in an interview prior to addressing the State Evangelism Conference Jan. 28. "One of the ways I believe you can do that is to not shop in places that sell pornographic material. It hit me again yesterday. When I go to the airport, I like to look at magazines about cars, but every time I go to a shop and buy one of those, there's a pornographic magazine on the shelf right above it.

"I've decided to do my best not to shop in places that sell pornographic material. I think we need to take a stand and need to spend our resources within our realm, so it benefits the Kingdom, rather than benefiting organizations that care nothing about principles and care nothing about godly matters."

White's campaign actually involves several facets, including a long distance carrier designed as an alternative to several nationwide carriers which "serve pornographers with 900 toll lines for phone sex and web hosting services for pornographic websites."

The NFL's "Minister of Defense" has recruited other notable athletes to join him in his campaign. They include former OU and FNL tight end Keith Jackson, and Charlie Ward of the New York Knicks. Also former, OU quarterback Josh Heupel is the company's spokesman in Oklahoma.

"The neat thing about this is that 15 percent of your long distance bill goes back to the ministry of your choice," White said. "It gives you the opportunity to give back to something that builds the Kingdom."

In addition to the long distance company, White hopes to build a biblical theme park and sports entertainment complex. As part of his trip to Oklahoma, he met with state and local officials, including Lt. Gov. Mary Fallin and Oklahoma City Mayor Kirk Humphreys, about possible sites in the Oklahoma City area for the complex.

"I know people will be blessed by this theme park, because we're going to bring the Scriptures to life; it's not going to be the shabby amusement park," White said. "For example, we're going to build Noah's Ark and Solomon's Temple the size they were in the Scriptures."

White estimated the theme park - Kingdom Family World Resorts & Theme Park - would cost between $200 million - $400 million. He hopes to have it opened within a year. Asked why he would want to focus so much time, energy and money on a theme park, White said, "My wife (Sara) and I did street ministry for a long time and we saw some people come to know the Lord, but I always felt like there was something missing. I finally realized what that was. We had helped people to come to know the Lord, but we didn't meet any needs, and I want to be able to say to someone who needs a job and who is looking for God, 'come work for us, let us help you build your family.' I think that's what true ministry is all about- being able to give an extended hand to your brothers."

Although White, who also spoke at both morning worship services in Bethany, Council Road Jan. 27, normally takes his wife and two children with him when he travels, he recently cut back on his time spent on the road.

"I haven't been doing a lot of speaking," he said. "In fact, I have only spoken in churches twice in the last 18 months. God pretty much pulled me back off the road and told me to sit at his feet. As a result, I'm getting closer to my family, and I have been building other relationships, which, in some respect, is really what I was missing, I was on the road so much, I didn't have the time to be a friend and allow my friends to be a friend to me.

Individuals may join the National Campaign to Stop Pornography at one of three levels. Details about the organization may be found by calling (800) 450-5123.

Reprinted by permission, Baptist Messenger.

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