Delivered from Homosexuality - Now Investigated by Employer

(AgapePress) - A Harvard-employed cook is being investigated by the university for simply admitting he is a former homosexual.

Three different departments at the liberal Ivy League school are conducting an investigation against Larry Houston, a born-again Christian who moved to Boston to help an Exodus International ministry in the area. After a Harvard Crimson article chronicled Houston's conversion from homosexuality, the local homosexual community became enraged, which led to the investigation. In the article, the former homosexual spoke of his faith in Christ, and noted that homosexuality is neither genetic nor irreversible.

"Many in the gay community see the ex-gay movement as a threat - an actual, physical threat to their being," Houston explains. "So they want to try to do as much as possible to discredit them or to even get rid of them."

Houston says intolerance of ex-homosexuals is a widespread problem. "Anyone who comes along promoting the idea of change or overcoming [homosexuality] is a threat to their very identity and being. That's why the opposition is quite intense at times."

Despite the criticism he has received while working on campus, Houston says he is reaching out in love to those who feel threatened by his testimony - because, he says quoting scripture, "Perfect love casteth out fear."

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