Local Man Healed From Cancer

North Olmsted man healed from "most advanced" case of cancer.
by Ken Mills

A thankfully healed Ken Mills and wife.

On May 29th, 1998 I was diagnosed with stage 4 B Lymphatic cancer. By the time we found the cancer, it had spread to my lungs, liver and kidneys, and virtually every lymph node in my body.

I saw many doctors for a variety of tests before they decided how to treat me and it seemed everyone spoke words of death over me. My Oncologist told me and my wife, Sandy, that mine was the most advanced case of cancer he'd treated in twenty-two years of practice.

He decided to start me on massive doses of three powerful cancer drugs that were so potent my body could only tolerate three treatments a month. He warned me that these drugs could destroy my heart and kidneys and would cause serious abnormalities in my blood. He told me they were going to make me very sick. As advanced as the cancer was, he couldn't even give me a 50% chance of remission.

My wife and I were devastated. I knew our God was a God of miracles, I should've known God was already at work. God was showing me He was there, but even so I became very depressed. Sandy kept telling me to have faith and believe for a miracle but I was in darkness. Then God decided to send me a message that turned everything around.

Harold Eatmon came to our church as a guest speaker. My wife and mother went to church one Friday night, but I was so down I stayed home in bed.

When Sandy came home that night she woke me up to tell me that Harold had shared with the church that the Lord had showed him two men, and he had been grieving and in lamentation for these two men and wanted to talk to them, but they weren't there. She just knew one of them was me and wanted me to go to church on Saturday night with her. I told her I didn't want to.

Saturday I spent the day in bed. She kept asking me to please go with her. I didn't want to do anything. Finally, five minutes before it was time to leave, she got angry with me. She said, "Ken, if you want to hear from God, you'll get up and go with me!"

I'm glad I changed my mind. Harold had just begun to speak when he stopped and came to me. He began to prophesy. The first thing he said to me was, "Is there anything too hard for me? This person who stands before you has been called, has been grieving and in lamentation for you." He went on to tell me he had seen me many days ago in a vision and had looked for me last night. He told how he'd shared with the church the night before that he was looking for two men and I was one of them. He said the enemy had come against my mind and human anatomy but that God had sent him to tell me "there is no death in your body, but there is life." I felt a thrill go through me like electricity. Harold couldn't have know I was sick, he didn't know me, he didn't know I had lost 35 pounds, I hadn't lost my hair yet, there was no outward sign that he could see. This had to be from God. Harold continued, "God is saying to you tonight, you are in the palm of his hand." He said he knew that I had faith but I needed to exercise my faith, that I needed to speak my faith out loud. He said God was asking me if I'd have faith one more time. Harold told me that God was saying that this was night of deliverance and a new beginning for me.

Then he began to intercede for me loudly proclaiming "In the name of Jesus, be healed by the blood of the lamb! Be restored by the power of the living God! The curses of your life have been severed. The Son says, "Who I set free is free indeed!" The Lord ministered to me in a powerful way. The church prayed and praised God in agreement and I received God's word with all my heart. I felt energized.

The doctors say I'm in complete remission, but we know I am healed.

At my last doctor appointment, Sandy asked my Oncologist "how's the blood work look?" The doctor smiled and said, "It's perfect! I'm amazed, all along it's been perfect. I really don't understand why, but it is as if he's never had chemotherapy." We told him the reason why. With God, all things are possible. I give God all the glory for my miracle!

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