Prophetic Birthday Cards Open Door To God's Gifts, Talents and Abilities For Your Life Says Elyria Minister
by Matthias R. Monschein

Did you ever find yourself waiting until the very last moment to find a birthday gift for that special person because you just didn't know what to get them? It is something that we have all done at one time or another. Once you did find it, you just weren't really sure if you made the right choice until they opened it and saw the expression on their face.

Now, there is a way to avoid all of the uncertainty in choosing that perfect gift. It comes in the form of a Prophetic Birthday Card that also shares the biblical wisdom of Proverbs.

Pastor Joe Gause, of Miracle Enterprises in Elyria, Ohio has developed an innovative way to give a person a most awesome gift. A word from God specifically for them.

The front of the card is decorated with an illustration that will correspond with the gifts that God has in store for their life. As you look at the illustrations, there are also scripture verses that correspond with the front of the Card. As the person reads the verses, they begin to unlock their gifts and soon realize their talents and abilities as God had planned for them.

The verses are chosen specifically to identify what God is speaking to your heart concerning your birthday.

The idea was first inspired around five years ago during a low time in Joe's life. He felt at his wits end and began to question many things including God himself.

Pastor Gause was reading through the book of Proverbs one evening when the Lord laid it in his heart to turn to a specific verse.

"I turned to the verse and began to read. It was at that time that the Lord spoke to me and asked, "Who is that verse speaking of?" I thought about it and said that sounds a lot like me. He said "That is you! And not only is that you but everybody else on this earth is mentioned in here too." I said, "You're kidding." And the Lord answered "No. Why you think this world is filled with astrology and horoscopes?" "Why do you think people want to know about their future?"

I said, "Lord, I don't know." He said to me "It's because it's in the word" (Holy Bible)

"The Lord revealed to me that all people had to do is to get close to him." Said Gause.

God will not do anything on this earth without revealing it to his people." I said aloud, "Lord Have Mercy! Do you mean all I have to do is ask God?" He said, "Yes, just ask me because it's all about our relationship."

Proverbs 3:5-6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight."

Joe Gause did exactly that and trusted that this inspiration was God's will and began to work on developing this idea to the point where it is now available to everybody who is interested.

As we sat down in his office, Pastor Joe explained to me how these cards are meant to work by using my birth date. He pulled out card numbered 21 for the day of the month I was born. On the cover were two pictures. One was a wastebasket full of money with the word haste next to it. The other is a set of hands with plenty of money in them and the words prosperous nearby.

"God gave me a picture for every one of these scriptural applications." Said Gause "That picture is something that that person has to reflect on and pray about because I am able to share some very clear details about that person's life but it is God that will speak to you to let you in on your own gifts and future with him."

Inside the card is written the corresponding verses from the book of proverbs that will open the door to this new found wisdom.

"He doesn't look at you at how you are now, he looks at what you are going to become." When God looks at you he sees you covered in the blood of Christ. That is what makes you acceptable to him."

Wanting a little more proof, I wanted to see if the card really lived up to its promises. I compared my birthday with the corresponding verses and soon found out for myself that everything that Pastor Joe had told me was true. It was one of the most eye opening things that I had discovered about myself and my future in heaven.

"It's not what you have done. It's what God has done for you that will make you acceptable. He is teaching us how to live." said Gause. "God wants us to have more than we need in our lives. There are so many people with needs in this world. If we have that something extra, we'll be able to help those people more than they ever could for themselves."

If you would like to discover for yourselves the deepest desires that God has for you. Miracle Enterprises is on the internet you may contact them by logging on to their web sight at

You may also write to them at: Miracle Enterprises, PO Box 1776, Elyria, Ohio 44036 C

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