Urgent Need To Rock The World

We need Spirit-filled, Spirit-led believers if we're going to rock this world for Jesus.

(AgapePress) - A traveling evangelist who visits churches throughout America says the Church in America is in need of a deeper relationship with Jesus.

For ten months out of the year, Rick Cook and his family travel the nation in a motor home, directing presentations of the drama Heaven's Gates & Hell's Flames. Cook says today's churches are too caught up in tradition - and that many Christians today are operating in the "flesh" instead of being led by the Holy Spirit.

"We have our programs, we have our committees, we have our meetings, we have our set times to do this and that," Cook says. "There's very few Christians led by God's Holy Spirit anymore - and we need Spirit-led, Spirit-filled believers in Jesus Christ. If we're going to rock this world for Christ, we have to be Spirit led and Spirit-filled."

The evangelist remembers when he let the Holy spirit have free reign in his own life. He says it came as a result of something he read about evangelist D.L. Moody and the reasons why God used Moody. Cook remembers one of those reasons was because Moody was imbued with power from on high and had a definite baptism of the Holy Ghost. He says he then began to seek that in his own life.

"One day, sitting in a 'dead' church, the Holy Spirit came upon me and He began to fill me ? and it was something that was so wonderful," he recalls. "There's no way to describe what God had done in my life. My role as a father changed, my role as a husband changed, (and) the preaching of God's Word changed."

The Cooks, residents of Franklinton, Louisiana, serve with the Canadian-based Reality Outreach Ministries.

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