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(AgapePress)...Few will argue that the world today is not in sad shape, and that violence and immorality abound. But conservative commentator Janet Parshall says all of the blame cannot be laid at the feet of "bad" people. She points out Christians are in trouble, based on a recent Barna poll regarding their feelings about absolute right and wrong. She notes that 64% of the people who have made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ said truth is situational. That being the case, she thinks Christians should be cautious before blaming the world for the way things have become. Christians, she says, know the One who said, "I am truth" - and better start living accordingly. Parshall says the world will be a much better place when those who call themselves followers of Christ honor God's truth and hold fast to Jesus' teachings.


(AgapePress)...An official with the Family Research Institute says a new children's music CD has a hidden message: the glorification of homosexuality. The CD is called "Double Daddy" and targets children ages 4 to 10 years old. According to Dr. Paul Cameron, director of the Family Research Institute in Colorado Springs, Colorado, "Double Daddy" by artist Molly Universe is being used as a propaganda tool by the homosexual community. According to Girlfriends, a cultural magazine for lesbians, "Double Daddy" works as an album that kids would want to listen to because of its catchy light tunes. One of the songs, titled "Oh What a Mess, Billy's Wearing a Dress," is about a small boy who likes to wear a dress. Cameron says homosexual activists are eager to have their kids advertise for them, using children to promote their angle on homosexuality. Universe said she plans to produce more music for children.


(AgapePress) - A Wisconsin pastor who regularly preaches the biblical truth on homosexuality says neither he nor his organization will cave in to fear tactics from those friendly to the homosexual agenda.

Last week, Pastor Ralph Ovadal, along with members of Wisconsin Christians United, handed out literature to students arriving at Mount Horeb High School. Pastor Ovadal says many students and parents were hostile to WCU's message. In fact, Ovadal says that night, students from Mt. Horeb High School visited his church.

"Some homosexual kids had come and they were in the process of doing what we think was going to be probably a pretty good job of vandalism, but they didn't get far," Ovadal says. "All they were able to do was attach some homemade gay liberation flags up on the fence around our church and some messages, and a dog there chased them off."Ovadal says Christians need to boldly proclaim God's Word regardless of the politically correct climate of the day.

"We've come to a place in America, where many people in the church feel there's something wrong with repeating God's very words, because that's what the Bible is - it's the revealed Word of God," he says. "They're embarrassed to actually repeat what God said about some of the sins of our day, and that's wrong. We need to be willing to repeat God's very words, the whole counsel of God."Ovadal says the local sheriff's department is investigating the incident at his church.


(AgapePress) - A new book focusing on America's single adults shows that although the majority of them possess some kind of religious beliefs, most have no true assurance of what eternity holds for them.Christian researcher George Barna has spent a number of years taking the spiritual pulse of the nation. This time, in his book appropriately titled Single Adults, his target is the single adults of America. They include the never-been-married group, the divorced, and the widowed. Together, they now to total 82 million people.

Barna says most of them think of themselves as Christians, although their depth of commitment to the Christian faith varies considerably. For example, the majority believe that if a person is basically good, he or she will earn their way to heaven.

Barna says only a third of them could be classified as truly "born again." In other words, they believe that salvation is solely by grace through faith alone and has nothing to do with works. Further, he says the never-been-married adults are the least likely to meet the "born-again" criteria.


(AgapePress)...A decision by the Bush Administration to allow a homosexual activist to speak at a federal facility is drawing fire from pro-family groups. Earlier last month, Candace Gingrich, half sister of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and National Coming Out project manager with the Human Rights Campaign, spoke to nearly 300 interns at the main auditorium of the Office of Personnel Management. Gingrich encouraged the audience to come out and get active by lobbying elected officials to pass employment non-discrimination legislation. She also urged the audience to support homosexual issues. Family groups were quick to blast the speech, and also were upset that the Bush Administration allowed it to take place at a government venue. Bob Knight, Director of the Culture and Family Institute, said unless the Bush Administration has abandoned family values, somebody is "asleep at the switch."


An Ohio educator says the decision by the U.S. House Commerce Committee to continue funding the teaching of sexual abstinence will give the federal program more time to prove its effectiveness. The House committee voted to renew the federal abstinence program for another five years. Under the plan, only schools, which teach the harmful consequences of sex outside marriage, will be able to receive the funds. Cheryl Mahoney of the Ohio-based Abstinence Educators' Network, Inc., says the program started five years ago which, she says, is not necessarily enough time to prove its worth. Mahoney says many programs implemented during the last five years have not had a chance to prove themselves and longitudinal studies indicate that is too short a period for a program to prove its effectiveness. Mahoney says the continued federal funding will allow abstinence programs time to continue and, thus, demonstrate their impact. Mahoney says the $50 million program has resulted in a tremendous increase in abstinence-only training at schools around the country.


(AgapePress)...Boy Scouts affiliates across the nation are losing United Way funding. The Washington Times reports that at least 39 United Way affiliates around the country have stopped direct community funding of the Boy Scouts to protest the organization's ban on homosexual troop leaders. Those decisions have affected 10-15% of the average income of the affected Boy Scout councils and total millions of dollars. The 39 affiliates represent less than 3% of the 1,400 United Way chapters across the United States. But Boy Scouts of America spokesman Gregg Shields says his organization will not be deterred by the actions taken by some United Way groups because the Boy Scouts "have a mission to help young people build lives of character." Some of the United Way groups that have cut off funds are in liberal college towns such as Boston, New York, and San Francisco.


(AgapePress)...Some Christians may see it as yet another sign of the end times. Ecumenical News International reports that senior leaders of Europe's Christian, Jewish, and Muslim faiths have set up an inter-religious council. Apparently the aim of this new group is to work for peace and promote collaboration among religious communities. According to the ENI story, the European Religious Leaders Council intends to cooperate with political decision-makers on a continent that is becoming increasingly multi-religious and multi-cultural. A British-based member of the Council's executive committee put it this way: "We aim to build a harmonious, cohesive Europe and to ensure that all faiths exert an appropriate influence." Many end-time prophecy watchers believe that during the tribulation period, a one-world religion will come into being which will support the rule of the Anti-Christ.


TRUSSVILLE, Ark. (EP) -A former cashier for Target is suing the retail giant, claiming she was harassed and fired for refusing to hide a cross necklace while on the job. Cindy Dunn was hired on Aug. 1, 2000, as a cashier at the SuperTarget in Trussville, Ark.. About three months later the store manager told her to hide her cross necklace inside her shirt because it might offend customers. Dunn says that when she refused to comply she was harassed and eventually fired. Her lawsuit claims that the store had no dress code policy for jewelry, and allowed other employees to wear tongue and nose rings. She is seeking reinstatement, back pay and compensatory and punitive damages.

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