TV Family Hour Flooded with Sex and Violence

PAX is judged to be least offensive network by Parent Television Council, yet even PAX missed the mark.

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (EP) -A new report released by the Parents Television Council (PTC) found that between Aug. 3 and Nov. 10, 2001, television networks broadcast 3,885 instances of sexual material, foul language and violence during the first hour of prime time programming, once known as the "family hour."

"This analysis clearly demonstrates that the broadcast networks, despite their denials, continue to market too much violence and vulgarity to our nation's children. In just over four months' time, network television executives, with the support of advertising dollars, have inundated us with nearly 4,000 incidents of sexual material, foul language, and violence," said Brent Bozell, president and founder of PTC.

The study found that UPN had by far the highest levels of objectionable material, surpassing NBC (the next most offensive network) by nearly 300 incidents in sheer volume of sexual references, foul language and violence. PAX was by far the least offensive network, offering only 43 instances of inappropriate material during the entire study period.

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