Florida Family First to Get 'VeriChip' Implant

Prophecy watchers feel microchip implants are first step to "mark of beast", which the book of Revelation talks about.

(AgapePress) - It happened live on nationwide television. NBC's Today program broadcast the first human implantation of a microchip last month.

The procedure was done on a family in Boca Raton, Florida. A company from the area, Applied Digital Solutions, announced several weeks ago that it had received federal approval to proceed with the human implants. The microchips hold medical information that supposedly can be used by hospitals to instantly get the person's medical background.

However, many Christians believe it could well be the start of fulfilling an end-time prophecy dealing with the "mark of the beast." The Book of Revelation teaches that people who live during the tribulation period will be forced to take an identification mark on their forehead or back of the hand.

Many prophecy watchers feel the microchip implants are the first step in developing an acceptance amongst humans to such identification methods. The speculation is that the initial resistance to such "Big Brother" monitoring devices will eventually be overcome by promoting its medical and security benefits.

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