Letters to the Editor


Dear Connection,

I love your magazine and also the editor's responses to many comments/questions. I pick up at least 3 and pass them on to unsaved family members. Last week, I wanted to try to get my children out of the house and do something so, I took them to a movie.

I asked my mom what was out?she mentioned that Connection gave "Superman" a decent review, but instead of going with that (thought it might be boring for the girls), I went for Scooby Doo.

Big mistake. Should of went with your suggestion. Just wanted to tell you that Scooby Doo was awful. It wasn't the cartoon I remember watching when I was young. It was filled with voodoo (a man sacrificing an already dead chicken with a very large knife), the large star shaped symbol the satanists use was shown on the floor of one scene with large demons surrounding it.

I could go on. Just wanted to tell you this in case you wanted to mention it in your magazine. My children and I left early. On the way home the girls complained from the back seat of a stomach ache and I was amazed because I thought to myself?I have that same ill feeling.

Thanks for bringing the good Truth! May God bless you for standing!
Love, Michelle Murrell & Family,
Parma Hts


Dear Jon,

Thank you for sending me the July issue of the magazine on Israel.

I especially enjoyed reading it and to see again that at this tragic time over here, there are people who have Israel and its people in their hearts. At times like these, when we are feeling alone in the world, as no visitors are coming, and politicians around the world (Europeans mostly) are not sympathetic, it is heartwarming to see an entire newspaper dedicated to Israel and explaining the problems of this area in a positive way.

Yours Sincerely,
Nathan Shapiro, Israel


Dear Jon Hanna,

Thank you for your articles regarding unity in the Jan. 2002 issue.

You tell it like it is. The more I hear, the more I feel Christians need to hear the message against the unity of religions.

Thanks for not trying (in any issues) to win a popularity contest.
Gerry Salava, N. Royalton


Dear Editor,

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am the Chaplain at Lake Erie Correctional Institution. Our prison houses 1400 inmates, and it is my responsibility to minister to their spiritual needs.

A few copies of your newspaper have been read by our inmates and they enjoy the good news. We are requesting that some free copies be sent to the inmates if possible. We have limited funds at the prison for our ministry and any free literature for the inmates would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your kind consideration of our request and need.
Sincerely In Christ,
W. Earl Vautin, Chaplain, Conneaut

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