Barb Mucha, LPGA Tour Player

A five time tournament winner, Barb has a great view of the big picture
by Doug Greengard

Much like her rounds of golf when she battles against the best female golfers in the world, Barb Mucha's life has its share of birdies and bogeys. Being able to look past any setbacks and rely on God's promises gives the five-time LPGA tournament winner more peace than having a tap-in put for a birdie. "(It's) the peace you get from knowing there's a bigger picture of what we see right now," said Mucha. "Having success and happiness, there's nothing wrong with that but you need that inner peace that only God can give you."

Mucha made a decision to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior in 1984, the year she completed her honorable mention all-America season, graduated from Michigan State University and began her quest to become a professional golfer. "I always had an interest in church, I was never opposed to that," said Mucha, who tells of what encouraged her to commit her life to the Lord. "People in the right place, people saying the right thing and God speaking to me. Fortunately, I was blessed to hear His voice and I said, 'hey, this is something that I want to do.'"

While shooting for more sub-par rounds and another tournament championship to add to her victory total, Mucha is enjoying her walk down the fairway and, more importantly, with the Lord. "He's allowing me to live the abundant life," said Mucha, making reference to John 10:10. "I think I'm really getting a flavor of that because you try really hard to do the right thing all the time and sometimes you forget to just live and let your light shine and live the day that He's blessed you with."

Mucha's golfing success and the eagerness to share her faith have given her opportunities to show God's goodness to others, including those on the LPGA Tour. She has found her best approach is to simply show the love of Christ. "Not pointing fingers, not judging, but saying 'I've got faults, too,'" said Mucha. "I just know that God loves me unconditionally and you can have that too. No favoritism, He wants everyone to know Him. I think if we can do that, people will see past the humanness and see the God aspect."

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