Todd Walker, Cincinnati Reds

by Doug Greengard

Todd Walker, second baseman for the Cincinnati Reds, did it all in college. He led Louisiana State University to the College World Series title in 1993, became the first player in school history to bat .400 and was recognized as the best collegiate second basemen ever. Walker, the first round draft choice of the Minnesota Twins in 1994, was expected to have the same kind of success on the professional level.

But the transition didn't happen as quickly as he would like. "If I'm struggling or having success, the Lord teaches me about humility and faith." said Walker. In 1997, while in Minnesota, Walker spent much of the season in an unfamiliar place-watching from the bench. That season, Walker played in just 52 games and batted only .237. "When the smoke cleared, I realized that God hadn't let me down," said Walker. "If you go through struggles it's to learn and grow. It made me a better player."

Walker, playing for his third team in the last four years, was traded from Colorado to Cincinnati during the 2001 season-one of his best ever. The former LSU All-American blasted a career high 17 homeruns and notched career highs in several other categories. No matter the circumstances, the Bakersfield, California native keeps the same Christ-centered perspective. "If I'm able to keep Christ first in my life and focus on him on a daily basis regardless of what I'm doing, then I'm able to stay happy day in and day out," said Walker.

Named the Twins most improved player in '98, Walker realizes that baseball-and life-will be filled with plenty of ups and downs. But always knowing God's unconditional love keeps everything in perspective. "In a game that's, 'what have you done for me lately,' it's always nice to know that no matter what you do, God loves you and looks at you the same way," said Walker. "That's very comforting to know."

Walker plans to keep his eyes on Jesus when life is throwing him pitches he can and cannot hit.

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