Christian Advocates Often Stand Alone, Pastor Says

Godly Men Like Judge Roy Moore Need Support of Believers

(AgapePress)?A Wisconsin pastor is encouraging Christians to publicly support those in high-profile positions who stand for godliness.

Pastor Ralph Ovadal, director of Wisconsin Christians United, recently sent a petition of support signed by pastors and clergy around the world to Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore. Moore is under fire for his opinion in a divorce case in which a lesbian mother was denied custody of her child.

Ovadal says Christians need to stand by men like Judge Moore. "I think one of the faults we have sometimes ? is we see a good man stand and he's taking the darts of the enemy and (we say we're) encouraged by that man," he says. "But we're not willing to stand with him, and we need to be willing to suffer reproach with men like Judge Roy Moore. That's why good men get discouraged sometimes."

The pastor says many concerned Christians do not take a vocal stand on controversial issues because often the advocate of righteousness stand alone.

"They know what they have to do, they know what their duty is before God, they do their duty," he says, "But unfortunately, nobody stands up with them - and men can get beaten down and ground down that way."

Ovadal believes that when an activist stands alone, the enemy is encouraged and feels that by just eliminating that one person, the road to a "godless republic" is clear once more.

A group known as the Capitol Hill Prayer Alert Network has called on its constituents to pray for Judge Moore, who has been sued by several national groups for authorizing placement of a Ten Commandments monument in the Alabama Judicial Building. That trial is scheduled for mid-October.

Moore gained national attention several years ago when, as a circuit court judge in Alabama, he refused to remove a Ten Commandments carving from his courtroom wall.

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