Christian Lawfully Fired By Catholic Med Center For Witnessing

Declaration that Jesus is Lord, not tolerated at this facility.
by Fred Jackson

(AgapePress) - The California Supreme Court has ruled a Catholic medical center had a right to fire an evangelical Christian because he witnessed to others on the job.This case began nearly ten years ago when medical clerk Terence Silo was fired from his job at the Sacramento-based Catholic Healthcare West Medical Foundation. Silo contended his dismissal violated laws prohibiting religious discrimination in the workplace.

Lawyers for the medical center countered with the argument that there are constitutional guarantees that permit religious organizations to define themselves and their religious message.

Last year, the Third District Court of Appeal ruled in Silo's favor and upheld a jury verdict awarding him more than $160,000 in damages and attorney's fees. But now the State Supreme Court has overturned that ruling, saying Silo's free-speech rights are superceded by the religious freedom rights of the employer.

A report in The Sacramento Bee says Silo has moved to Southern California and become an evangelical pastor.

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