'Gay Agenda' in Public Schools Initiated by Pedophiles

Parents don't know the depth of it!
by Jody Brown

(AgapePress) - At a Capitol Hill conference recently, Christian activists made the case that public school programs promoting such things as tolerance, diversity, safety, and anti-discrimination are actually being used to promote and encourage homosexual behavior.Monday's seminar and panel discussion in the Rayburn House Office Building revealed details of the homosexual agenda in the public school system from its history to its exponents. "Putting Kids at Risk: The Implications of 'Gay' School Programs" addressed several questions of concern to pro-family activists - among them: Should elementary-age children be taught how to cross-dress in the classroom? Do homosexuals really have more sexually transmitted diseases than heterosexuals? Will "hate-crimes" codes be used to silence freedom of speech in schools?Bob Knight is director of the Culture and Family Institute, host of the event. He said many people fail to see the homosexual agenda - but that it is there when the facts are examined.

"The Gay Lesbian and Straight Education Network, which boasts membership of more than 1,200 teachers, also has a budget of $3.5 million," Knight said, "and they work all over the country to introduce homosexuality into the school system." The group's mission, he said, "is to promote homosexuality in the schools under any guise that works."Knight says the leadership of the National Education Association, the largest teachers' union in the United States, has endorsed GLSEN's efforts to introduce its agenda, but the NEA membership has defeated attempts to officially adopt the plans. But according to Knight, those goals are being implemented one at a time and are turning America's schools into vehicles for homosexual advocacy.

"Now they are introducing [the agenda] piecemeal, and some of it involves things like 'Gay and Lesbian History Month,' gay recruitment of teachers, and incorporating homosexuality in every classroom subject."Peter LaBarbera, an analyst with the Culture and Family Institute, said kids are being manipulated by groups like GLSEN. "They are getting in and out before parents even know what's going on," he said.

According to Knight, parents are not being told the truth about what is being taught in schools to their young children. He said if parents understood the depth of the homosexual agenda in the schools, there would be a "revolution."

Knight said the effort to introduce a homosexual agenda began in the 1950s with the fraudulent "Kinsey Report" on sexuality, which has since been shown to have been compiled by pedophiles and homosexuals. He points out the plan to normalize homosexuality is now in its final stages. The final step of the campaign, he said, is to openly promote acceptance of homosexuality even among the youngest children.

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