A Perspective on Grace in America
by Fox 8 Meteorologist Jon Laufman

Jon Laufman

If the words "my faith is built on nothing less than Jesus and his righteousness" sound familiar, then you may remember hearing the lyrics "it is enough that Jesus died and that He died for me" crossing your lips. For those who really buy into the idea that Jesus is enough, there's a little room for reflection on the stuff beyond "enough".

Unlike a lot of the acreage covering our terrestrial ball, most of us live in a land where we can move about freely, boldly pursue our interests without restrictions, and worship our God without fear of repercussions. We live in decent neighborhoods, consume safe drinking water, enjoy the use of electricity and readily available medical care, and we're not afraid we'll hear gunfire erupting in our streets anytime soon. Yet, even as we take this lifestyle for granted, most of the people on our planet do not. How often do we even stop to consider our way of life a fringe benefit added to Christ's sufficient grace? If you woke up this morning in a soft, comfortable bed without a worry about your next meal will come from or where you'll find shelter for the night, remember that this is not part of the new covenant. It's a beyond grace, bonus gift from our Lord.

Do you have a family, occupy real estate, drive a car or enjoy an income? Rejoice!!! Just because it seems that everybody has most of this stuff, it's simply not a birthright. Most of mankind has never known the comfort of air conditioning and central heating or even the refreshment of a hot shower. How often do we forget when we are blessed with an enviable lifestyle that is a gift above and beyond God's grace that was designed along with everything else to be ultimately used for His glory?

Do your limbs and appendages function? Can you hear, see, smell and speak? If so, be happy! These are luxuries of life that Jesus has lovingly added to the most precious gift of His sufficient, saving grace. Use them for him!

It humbles me to think that one day I will stand before my Creator and Redeemer with the knowledge that I did so little for "the least of these" who have next to nothing by worldly standards and so many fewer blessings than I. "To those who are given much, much is required" are words that God's Spirit uses to convict me. In our relentless pursuit for more, in our unconscious acceptance of what we should not - yet do - take for granted, there is only one truth. Jesus' grace is sufficient. Thank you, Jesus!

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