Michigan School District Says No To Homosexuals' Demands
by Rusty Pugh

(AgapePress) - A Michigan pro-family organization is praising a school board for rejecting the homosexual agenda. And a pro-family activist in Texas says the media is responsible for portraying Christians in a negative light when it comes to opposition to the sin of homosexuality.

Gary Glenn is president of the American Family Association of Michigan. He says the Portage School Board did the right thing recently in rejecting the demands of homosexual activists that the district formally recognize and offer special protection to students who engage in homosexual behavior.

"Here's the proof that homosexual activists are not concerned about student safety," Glenn says. "They oppose a policy that says it's wrong to harass or bully any student for any reason. What they insist on is a policy that segregates students into different groups and then provides specially designated protection specifically for those who engage in homosexual behavior."

"If they were really concerned about student safety, they would support a policy that protected all students, period, for whatever reason," he says.

More schools, Glenn says, should take notice of what happened in Portage because there is a new legal doctrine taking shape; that of potential legal liability. "If [a school district] is perceived in any way to be encouraging or promoting homosexual behavior - and [if] a student, based on that understanding, engages in homosexual behavior and is physically harmed - [then] that school could be found liable for the tort of negligence," he explains.

Glenn says schools are wise to avoid the risk of liability for exposing students to unhealthy behavior.

Media Role

Rev. Flip Benham heads the group Operation Rescue in Dallas. He says the Catholic Church's refusal to address the problem of homosexuality in the clergy has been aided by the media. Benham says the bishops never confronted the real problem, which he says is homosexuality in the clergy ranks.

Benham says the media paints all Christians as hate-filled bigots and blames them for violence against homosexuals. He says the "real cover-up" is not only in the Catholic Church, but also in the media. That cover-up, he says, is far more insidious than the one by the Catholic Church because the media is legitimizing the very behavior that victimized teenage boys.

As Benham puts it: "The media, and the elite in the media, do not believe that homosexuality is a sin."

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