Nickelodeon Promotes Homosexuality to Kids

A children's TV channel that bills itself as a network parents can trust, aired a show that one pro-family activist calls "pure homosexual propaganda."

Nickelodeon has produced a controversial edition of Nick News, a 60-minute program that airs every Sunday night. The show, which targets children between the ages of eight and 13, included a discussion of homosexual families and anti-discrimination laws, and features homosexual middle-school children.

Andrea Lafferty, executive director of Traditional Values Coalition, is outraged. "When I called Nickelodeon to discuss this, they told me that Nick News deals with issues that are pervasive," Lafferty said. "I'd like to know for how many eight-year-olds is homosexuality a 'pervasive' issue. I'd say very, very few."

Lafferty pointed out that the host of Nick News is a long-time supporter of homosexual causes. "This is nothing more than trying to promote the homosexual agenda to our children - and the producer of this show is Linda Ellerbee, who's been given awards by a homosexual organization for her work in promoting homosexuality," she said.

"When people call (Nickelodeon), they either patch them through to a common line, or they tell people that this is not true, that it's a rumor," Lafferty says. "Nickelodeon is being dishonest to the parents who have trusted them to do fair, clean shows."

Nickelodeon and Lucky Duck Productions, who produced the show, have been the focus of an E-mail campaign by and Both groups urged their supporters to contact the network asking that the program not be aired.

Nick News is shown in classrooms across the country as part of Cable in the Classroom. "This means that this 'gay'-friendly program goes to a captive audience of children in classrooms as 'news,' designed to shape the minds of millions of children," said AFA Chairman Don Wildmon.

Reprinted by permission, AFA Journal.

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