Editor Opposes Presbyterian Error

PC (USA) Openly Denies that Jesus Christ is Lord

(AgapePress)?The editor-in-chief of The Presbyterian Layman says the leadership of the Presbyterian Church (USA) has turned its back on Scripture and is responsible for the denomination's steady decline in membership.

At a Confessing Church Movement celebration recently, Parker T. Williamson called the Presbyterian Church (USA) "the dry bones of a dying ecclesiastical structure." Williamson says the PC (USA) has been under assault from homosexual activists who want to take over the denomination. He also says it has been difficult to discipline the General Assembly, which strongly supports abortion.

"Presbyterians, like many other folk in today's world, are hesitant to engage in discipline, and it has been difficult for us to do that," Williamson says. "However, over the last few years we have removed a number of the top General Assembly officials who take that position."

Williamson is hopeful that if the Confessing Church Movement continues to grow and express its biblical convictions, those who have lead the denomination in the wrong direction will either be removed or "jump ship." For his part, Williamson intends to stay, continuing to work to restore the denomination's biblical integrity. He says even though the leadership of the PC (USA) openly denies that Jesus Christ alone is Lord, he will not leave the denomination.

"I met the Lord Jesus Christ in this (denomination), and I owe (it) a lot for that," he says. "I'm not about to abandon it because a handful of radical people have gotten into positions of authority in the church."

Williamson says he will not leave his church while it is under assault, just as he would not leave his wife and kids if they were being attacked.

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