Letters to the Editor

I'm A Homosexual Christian

To Connection Magazine,

May God have mercy on you all for your harsh and ignorant stance towards others who are merely trying to live their lives as God intended. Whether you believe that homosexuality is a choice or not, whether you believe that it is acceptable or not, preaching such hatred and intolerance against your brothers and sisters is not "good news".

I will continue to pray for your souls, and hope that God grants you peace of mind and heart as you continue on this journey through life with your Christian family, which includes a diverse group, and yes, even some of us who are gay. I was raised in a Christian home, and am a practicing Christian today-maybe we even offered each other the sign of peace at mass. Sadly though, your human error is to judge others with your words and promote intolerance. How could such a publication ever be God's work, when God's work is all-loving? Jesus has shown us that even those who are cast out of society by its hateful and less enlightened members are worthy of love. This is a very basic teaching of the Bible. Human ignorance casts the first stone, makes outcasts of it's own family and crucified Jesus. I believe that WE ALL have a place in this world because we are perfect creations in His image and likeness, even people such as yourselves who are so blinded by their hatred and fears. I will continue to pray for you all. Only when we meet our Maker will we know the truth. Until then I will do what Jesus did. Peace and love.

Melissa Maxwell

Editor's Response

Dear Melissa,

What I believe or choose not to believe does not alter God's word. God's word says that sex outside of marriage is a sin called fornication. The Bible also says that fornicators, sexually perverse and all unclean persons have no part in God's kingdom. (Galatians 5:19-21) God ordained for man to marry a woman and to be fruitful and multiply.

People who deviate from God's lawful order are sinning and need to be saved whether they know it or not. Here's some love for you: The Bible says that God chastens (corrects) those that He loves. It also refers to those who refuse His correction as illegitimate.

The Bible says that sexual immorality must not even be named among those who believe. Any person who claims to be a Christian yet also wantingly practices the sin of homosexuality is clearly out of God's order.

You declare that we are perfect creations but the truth is that we're not perfect any more. Once sin entered into mankind through the choice of God's first perfect couple, we have all inherited the fallen sinful nature. Now, Jesus said we must be born again to be saved from the old, imperfect, sinful nature. (John 3:3-7) In fact, Jesus said we won't enter heaven unless we are born again. However, to be born again, we first start by confessing, forsaking sins and accepting Jesus' forgiveness.

God's word declares that you can know the truth now and that the truth will set you free. (John 8:32) God wants to set you free, Melissa. God wants to perfect you. If you confess and forsake your sins including the sin of homosexuality, and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you will be forgiven and then you will become a member of Gods eternal family. Remember God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

God Loves You and So Do I,

Jon Hanna

Leave the Catholic Church Alone

Dear Jon,

Hello, my name is David Neuzil, 43 years old, husband and father. I have just started going through your magazine only recently. I certainly enjoy and have an interest in Christian news and articles. The purpose of my E-mail is an article that appeared in a recent issue, and also an article on your web-site which includes an "editors note".

The article was in your Aug 2002 issue which I picked up in our church vestibule after Mass one Sunday. The article reads " Christian Lawfully Fired By Catholic Med Center For Witnessing", With additional highlighted print "Declaring Jesus is Lord, not tolerated at this facility ".

Jon, I certainly did not want to make a rash judgement given the little information the article contained on the matter. I thought about asking to talk to the person whose name appears to the article -Fred Jackson, hoping he could supply me with more background on the story. Then I decided to check out your website, and there is where I noticed another Catholic article (Catholic church challenged) where you yourself have a editors note at the end of the article.

Well, after reading both articles and your note at the bottom (especially your note), it was becoming clearer that there seems to be a negative tone or slant on Catholic issues that appear in your magazine. I have a deep personal relationship with Jesus, my feelings were hurt after seeing all three items. I understand the secular media with such articles, but a magazine which claims to be with a Christian perspective? Please don't misunderstand my intent, I am in no way disputing the information itself, rather the way they are presented for readers. I am not schooled in journalism, but I do know that information can be presented in different ways to slant the way it is perceived. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see the slant on these. If I am wrong, please correct me.

Perhaps some of my frustration comes since my recent (3yrs ago) entrance into the Catholic church. I have become aware of just how much the Church is attacked from all sides (yes even other Christians). Well, I have taken up much of your time. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I will pray that you and your magazine will be careful with which articles are accepted. I hope that all Christians will concentrate on what Jesus preached " love one another as I have loved you". Let us share what unites us, not what divides us. As we all continue our journey in faith, I will pray for you, please pray for me and my family. I look forward someday meeting you and sharing our journeys in the faith.

Sincerely, In Christ, David Neuzil

Editor's Response:

Dear David,

We try to share the news as it is. We will continue to pay close attention to ensure that we publish articles that are true and accurate. However, you must admit that the secular news media informs the public every day about Catholic priests who are homosexuals (25-50%) as well as pedophiles. It's no secret anymore how this sin in the Catholic Church has gone on for years. (Romans 1:18-32) No true church is to approve of homosexuality.

Those Catholic priests who embrace the sin of homosexuality will not inherit God's Kingdom. Those who repent by confessing and forsaking their sins, and accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, will be forgiven and become genuine members of the Body of Christ.

If Jesus is your Lord, and Savior, then you're my brother. Keep serving Jesus and growing in prayer and praise. Praise Jesus for delivering us from all of our sins when we repent.

In Christ, Jon Hanna

Don't You Just Love It?


I wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I have enjoyed the last 3 editions of Connection Magazine. The magazine is looking better all the time but much more importantly the content is really, really good.

The variety and mix of topics from entertainment to church issues to social concerns to testimonials to practical everyday stuff is very compelling.

The Israel Issue was timely and contained great information from a variety of angles. Your coverage of the Intelligent Design debate has been very good and balanced for those not yet realizing the validity of CI. The cover with Bono has a great headline and the article is very challenging.

Well done, well done, well done! I am sure the magazine is having a real impact on people at every phase of their spiritual journey. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. KEEP IT UP!

Len Howser, Radio Personality at WHFM

Editor's Response

Dear Len,

Okay Len, what do you want? You seem to be the only one this month with warm, fuzzy things to say about Connection. I hope you didn't get heat stroke this summer.

Just kidding Len, I appreciate the thoughtful and kind words. Standing for God's truth in a time when there is so much compromise and tolerance can be lonely. It's good to know that you are standing with us. God bless you and keep you and your family in His perfect will.

Your Former WZLE Employee, Jon Hanna

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