News Briefs From Planet Earth - September 2002


(AgapePress)...The president of the Center for Military Readiness says she is skeptical about the reliability of Saudi Arabia as an ally of the United States. Elaine Donnelly says the Saudis have been encouraging young Muslim women to be just like their male counterparts - willing to blow themselves up in order to murder innocent civilians. According to Donnelly, the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to Britain openly praised one such female homicide bomber by writing a poem to her. Donnelly says she has "a serious problem" with that. She also questions whether the Saudis are reliable allies or just "sometimes-allies," noting that they have subsidized and supported America's enemies. Donnelly says she is skeptical the Saudis will ever be of any great value as a reliable ally of the United States. (Most terrorists on 9/11/01 were from Saudi Arabia.)


(AgapePress)...Today's young people are inundated with a steady stream of rock music - most of which has heavy sexual content and vulgar lyrics. The rock performers themselves often go to extremes of taste and indecency to promote their music - yet young people continue to buy popular music and listen to it. Rock For Life's Bryan Kemper says many kids do not understand what is happening to them while listening. He thinks the initial appeal is the music. But he believes many kids do not realize the lyrics that accompany are very immoral and, in some cases, are even supporting abortion. According to Kemper, most kids - and the majority of parents - have no clue to what is happening at concerts. Many rock groups, he says, include Planned Parenthood representatives with them on their tours - and that what was once "a high-pitched promotion for sex" has become "an equally high-pitched promotion for abortion." He adds that MTV is now one of the biggest promoters of abortion and one of the largest supporters of Planned Parenthood.


(AgapePress)...A CNN poll has revealed more than a third of Americans are watching news programs because of an interest in end-times prophecy. Professor of theology Dr. Jerry Brashears says recent events have awakened something deep inside everyone. He says whenever something catastrophic happens, even the most-hardened unbeliever begins to think it is "the end of the world." He says that kind of awareness seems to be built into our minds and our spirits - he thinks, by God Himself. But it is still impossible, Brashears says, to accurately predict the moment when Christ will come again. He notes that the Bible says when Jesus returns, "we will know it" - so he warns people not to follow after false messiahs or get excited about the dates. He encourages believers to continue being "faithful for the things of the Kingdom." Brashears points out that until Christ's Second Coming, "there will continue to be wars and rumors of wars."


(AgapePress)...Pro-cloning advocates are using the hope of discovery for new cures for diseases as their main argument for not wanting to ban the human cloning procedure. Mary Cannon, director of the advocacy group Stop Human Cloning, says pro-life forces also want to see many diseases cured - such as Alzheimer's, juvenile diabetes and spinal cord injuries - but not through the killing of human beings. But she adds that all of the actual scientific studies that have been done to this point show that stem cells from embryos, and particularly cloned embryos, yield nothing of the sort. She says supporters of the controversial bio-tech process of human cloning claim their research is the key to finding cures for many human diseases. According to Cannon, there is no evidence of that possibility - just unproven theories. Cannon points out the most promising field of research is adult stem-cell research and stem cells that are taken from umbilical cords or placentas - things that no one has any moral objection to whatsoever.


(AgapePress)...The House Energy and Commerce Committee addressed the charges of anti-Christian bias on National Public Radio and the Public Broadcasting System. Committee Chairman Fred Upton of Michigan told the leaders of the various public broadcasting entities that there is no place for such bias. He says the bottom line is Americans cannot tolerate any biased reporting from taxpayer-supported public broadcasting. He wants to know what assurances NPR and PBS can provide that their reporting is - and will continue to be -objective. Upton directed the entities to make sure they fix the bias problems, or they would face a decline of support in the Congress for future funding.


(AgapePress)...Reuters News reports the new head of the Anglican Church is a radical liberal who supports homosexual clergy. Rowan Williams replaces George Carey as the Archbishop of Canterbury - a position that makes him the spiritual leader of the world's 70 million Anglicans. That includes the approximately 2.5 million Episcopalians in the United States. Besides his pro-homosexual stance, Williams also endorses women bishops and has denounced the Afghanistan conflict as "morally tainted."


(AgapePress)...President Bush has appointed another open homosexual to head the White House AIDS policy office. Cybercast News reports Joseph F. O'Neill - a physician and career civil servant - will replace Scott Evertz. Evertz' appointment made him the first open homosexual to ever hold a senior position at the White House. Evertz is moving over to the Department of Health and Human Services as a special advisor to Secretary Tommy Thompson, who is responsible for the Bush Administration's global AIDS policy.


(AgapePress)...New research from Oregon indicates that 99% of those who express a desire to commit suicide later change their minds. Burke Balch of National Right to Life says that validates research from parts of Europe where physician-assisted suicide is legal as it is in Oregon. Balch says of people who attempt suicide - that is, those who actually go to the extent of trying to kill themselves and are stopped - only 4% of those individuals have gone on to commit suicide within five years. Within 35 years, only 11% have committed suicide. Balch says there is a lot of evidence that these people have a great deal of ambivalence and "reversibility" in making this very final decision. According to Balch, suicide is a "permanent solution" to a "temporary problem" and should not be embraced by any society.


(AgapePress)...A black pastor and conservative activist says for several decades, the so-called "leaders" of the black community have encouraged young blacks to disrespect authority - and he says this disrespect has fostered the kind of behavior which led, for example, to the recent incident in Inglewood, California. Jesse Lee Peterson says it is unfortunate that a white police officer was videotaped striking 16-year-old black suspect Donovan Jackson. Peterson, the founder and president of the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny, says the police will ultimately lose the public relations battle and pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars to young Jackson, who was resisting arrest. Peterson says the whole incident came about because blacks are taught to disobey or question authority. He says black leaders have encouraged young, black Americans to disobey white authority - and now young people believe when they are stopped by a police officer, they automatically believe it is because of racism. Peterson says as long as blacks are taught to not respect authority, police officers - like the ones in Inglewood - must face suspects who are angry and willing to give the officers a hard time.


(AgapePress)?The Parents Television Council has released its annual ratings of the ten best and ten worst television programs on network prime-time television. The PTC is not at all pleased with many of the prime-time shows that made its top-ten "worst" list. Spokeswoman Lara Mahaney says FOX's Boston Public, which debuted last fall, tops the list, followed by last year's worst-rated show, UPN's WWF Smackdown. She says other bad apples making this year's list include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends, and Dawson's Creek. Describing it as clearly the worst bottom-ten list ever, Mahoney says parents must be actively aware of what their kids are watching because there is "so much filth and violence" on television. She says due to a lack of any real creativity, producers in Hollywood find it easier to create programs with a lot of sex and gratuitous violence.

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