Creationist Says Theories Surrounding Skull Are Cracked

by Rusty Pugh

(AgapePress) - A noted creation scientist says the recent discovery of skull fragments in Africa has evolutionists changing their story once again.

In July, scientists excitedly announced the discovery of a "remarkably intact skull of an apelike species" that walked upright. They say the skull, found in central African country of Chad, could be as many as 7 million years old. While paleontologists say they are not sure where the skull fits into man's "family tree," they are sure of one thing: the find could push back the date at which humans are believed to have diverged from apes. They also are claiming it gives clues to the so-called "missing link."

Dr. Terry Mortonson is a geology expert with Answers in Genesis ministries and a noted creation science speaker. He says the whole theory of evolution is based on interpretation and guess work. In other words, he says, it is all make believe.

Mortonson says the recent discovery of the skull in Chad now has many evolutionists questioning their own theories, forcing them to change their story once again.

"They say that this find may make the picture of human evolution radically different than widely assumed," Mortonson says. "It just shows that the whole area of human evolution study is in a state of turmoil - they're constantly revising their theories, and they don't know what came from what."

Mortonson even questions how evolutionists determine that the skull is 6- to 7-million years old. "How in the world did they figure that out?" he asks. "Did the skull come with a label on it saying it was that old? No, it's based on all kinds of assumptions built into the very faulty radiometric dating methods."

He says that, like the whole evolution theory, is determined by assumptions - not by scientific facts

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