Author Contends EU is 'Final Empire'

Former news personality, Walter Cronkite advocates that Americans should yield up some of their sovereignity to the United Nations. Such action could make room for the "final world empire" to arise.
by Chad Groening and Jim Brown

(AgapePress) - A British author and newspaper editor says the objective of the European Union is to establish itself as the new Roman Empire - and the world's dominant superpower. Its ultimate goal, he says, is world governance.

Alan Franklin's new book is called EU: The Final World Empire. Through years of research and his own personal observations, Franklin - a born-again believer - has documented what Christians have suspected for a long time: the European Union is the forerunner of the anti-Christ's apocalyptic kingdom.

He says things really begin to accelerate when eleven European countries gave up their own currencies for the Euro.

"The countries of Europe are no longer independent countries," Franklin says. "They haven't got control of their money supply, and that's a crucial thing. Without the money, you can do very little - [and] you've now got one judicial system [the International Criminal Court], which supersedes the laws of the national countries."

Franklin writes that Europeans are looking for a strong personality to lead them. Even his own Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has done so, he says. But the author says the continent will ultimately get a personality that is far too strong for it to handle. The last strong leader, he says, was Adolf Hitler - the next one, he believes, will be the anti-Christ.

Walter's Musings

Meanwhile, back in the "Colonies," a former CBS anchorman is renewing his call for global government - and an end to U.S. sovereignty. Once known as "the most trusted man in America," Walter Cronkite is pushing for the creation of a standing United Nations army and U.S. Senate ratification of the controversial International Criminal Court.

According to WorldNetDaily, in a new fundraising letter for the World Federalist Association, Cronkite says an "empowered U.N." is the best hope for creating "a world free of intolerance, injustice, and violence."

Cronkite's letter is not the first time he has spoken out on such a divisive issue since stepping down as CBS News managing editor. In a 1999 speech at the U.N., he told then-First Lady Hillary Clinton and others in attendance that Americans should give up some of their sovereignty to strengthen the U.N..

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