A "Trip To HELL!" at Lorain, Ohio

Each October, thousands take a trip that they'll never forget. What is it that draws multitudes of people from all over Ohio, as well as several neighboring states, to attend this annual Trip to Hell, in Lorain?

The Trip to Hell is not a haunted house. It's not fiction. It's an event that features intense reality scenes that are so real parents are warned not to bring children under 12 years old.

This special event takes place each weekend in October and is one of Lorain's largest events. Many have traveled from as far as Michigan, New York, and West Virginia. In fact, last year a group of 15 flew in from Raleigh, North Carolina, just to witness this incredible outdoor presentation.

This must see, artistically produced drama has exponentially grown in popularity each year since it began in 1995. Consequently, last year people were turned away during the final weeks of the performance.

Greg Ball of the Fresh Fire Youth Ministries, utilizes 65 acres of wooded land to take participants on a 'trip' they will never forget.

An eerie Grim Reaper leads small groups of curious people through the dark wooded acres. Participants travel from one captivating staging area to another, viewing challenging reality scenes that shake them to the core. The trip takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour and ends with a brief, yet surreal, visit to a place called 'hell'.

Remember, Trip to Hell is not a haunted house, it's a life impacting, life changing event that affects people for eternity.

For more information see their full page ad on page 31 or call 1.800.963.FIRE.

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