Your Storm Will Pass
by Danita Harris

God put a rainbow in the sky
God put a rainbow in the sky
When it looked like the sun would not shine anymore
God put a rainbow in the sky

These are lyrics to a song I learned as a teenager and they have stuck with me because of their simplicity. When I'm going through a storm in my life and I'm struggling to see my way through, this song pops into my mind. When you look at a rainbow you're in awe of this simple shape that brings an array of colors and beauty to the sky. But before you could see that rainbow, there was rain. Possibly a terrible storm that whipped around you. It was hard for you to see because the rain clouded your vision. It was hard for you to stand because it felt like those strong winds were trying to knock you down. You may have even said to yourself,"Where are you God?"

God is there. The Bible tells us that He will NEVER leave us nor forsake us, and that's something you can stand on. So while the storm is trying to tear you up, God is working on the inside to build you up. Nobody likes going through a storm, it's challenging, uncomfortable and it just doesn't feel good. But a storm will also give you a "faith check" on where you are in God. Is He a source of strength in your life? Is your relationship with the Lord based on convenience or are you seeking His face daily? When you know Jesus as saviour and friend, the storms become more manageable. I'm not saying they won't come and I'm not saying the storms will feel good. But if you are anchored in the word of God and you have developed a relationship with your Heavenly Father, you know that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. You know that you are safe in your Father's arms, the maker of heaven and earth. The Creator of the Universe has your best interest at heart.

Only God has the power to turn your storm into a rainbow. And oh what a beautiful rainbow he has especially for you. So don't let the rain get you down and don't let the wind knock you around. Stand in the midst of your storm and know that with each drop of rain, God is adding another color to your rainbow. If you are going through a storm right now let me encourage you..there will be sunshine in your life again. As my grandmother used to tell me, "Baby, trouble don't last always and this too shall pass." Your storm will pass and because God is so loving He will take that confusion and pain and give you peace. Yes, Peace is one of the colors in your rainbow. Joy is a color in your rainbow. Hope is a color in your rainbow. But the boldest and brightest color in your rainbow is Love. God's love is so powerful and wonderful and He wants you to know that it's available for you.

Just remember...
When it looked like the sun would not shine anymore, God put a rainbow in the sky!

Danita Harris is an anchor at WEWS News Channel 5 and can be seen daily on Good Morning Cleveland and News Channel 5 at Noon. She loves to write poetry, sing, and volunteer with The Girls Club of Ohio. Danita loves to encourage people in the Lord, and prays everyday that people would see the light of the Lord in her life.

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