Doug Gilmore Worship Ministries

A Northeast Ohio Praise Team Honors the Presence of God's Holy Spirit
by Jeff Joslyn

Ages ago, in less enlightened times, it was thought that the Sun revolved around the Earth. But eventually those that studied the heavens were enabled to see that the opposite was true. Likewise, it has often been seen that a lack of spiritual discovery has left many ministries acting and teaching as though God had introduced a Gospel that becomes "a man centered attempt to make religion serve us". But light has dawned in some sectors of Christendom that sparks a revolutionary approach which puts God in the center and those in his service are called to be worshipers that seek his glory honor and satisfaction, "for such does the Father seek to worship him."

This enlightened approach is found in the ministry of Doug and Rhonda Gilmour called Doug Gilmour Worship Ministries. Doug has put together a team of worshipers and musicians on a grand scale that features: keyboards, guitars, horns, flutes, percussion's, a violin, some harmonica and even an accordion. This team is prospering with their God centered approach and have gained a popularity in the Cleveland area and surrounding communities with current plans to expand their ministry out of state.

Doug Gilmour's worship team has accepted the call that theirs is a ministry unto the Lord. Not that people don't get ministered to. With these guys its a given that at their concerts you're going to experience the presence and power of God. Their focus is putting God first.

They've learned to revolve around the Lord and to let the Spirit move and have His way.

When Doug's worship team ministers, the scripture "God inhabits the praises of his people" is fulfilled. At the Oasis in Euclid, where they minister twice a month, there is a manifestation of freedom as in: "Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty."

You can connect with this ministry by going to There, along with ministry dates, you can find their latest CD called New Day. A reviewer and critic from Gold USA writes. "New Day oozes a musical/spiritual maturity and unique artistic style that are entirely winsome.....Great music, powerful lyrics- New Day is a striking success!"

Be forewarned: this ministry is not for the spiritually faint of heart. Expect an encounter with the living God that is powerful, refreshing and uplifting. Come to think of it, maybe it is for the faint of heart.

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