News Briefs From Planet Earth - October 2002


(AgapePress) ...John McTernan recently published his book, Israel: Blessing or Curse, in which he contends the United States has - and will continue to have - disasters like 9-11 as long as it pushes Israel to give up "Covenant Land." The Christian author say he cannot understand why the U.S. continues to pursue a foreign policy which calls for the creation of a Palestinian state which would exist side-by-side with Israel. McTernan says there will be grave consequences if the Bush Administration ever follows though with its pledge to give Arafat his Palestinian state. The author says carving a Palestinian homeland out of Israel's territory will not stop the Palestinian homicide bombers. McTernan says if a Palestinian State was created tomorrow, it would not take away the problem "because the Palestinians want the State of Israel destroyed." And McTernan says, any new nation of Palestine would soon become a dagger aimed at Israel's heart. He said the Palestinians would use the new homeland as a terrorist base to build.


(AgapePress) ...One Christian author says true believers need to be equipped to point out the differences between the world's many religions from true Christianity. In his book, How To Be A Christian Without Being Religious, Fritz Ridenour makes a clear distinction between "religion" and Christianity. He says there are a lot of fine religions and a lot of good qualities in "religious behavior" - reverence, faith, and seeking a supreme being - but the Christian realizes the supreme being - God has found him and has reached down to him and all he must do is respond and come into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Ridenour says too many Christians do not know the primary difference between Christianity and the beliefs of numerous other false religions.


(AgapePress) ...There is a new development in the Disney Company's ongoing economic woes. Moody's Investors Service is threatening to cut Disney's long-term credit ratings. The word comes in the wake of last week's reports of lagging attendance at Disney theme parks, as well as shrinking audience and revenue dollars at the Disney-owned ABC television network. Fox News notes Disney received similar ratings warning from Standard and Poor's recently. Disney shares have fallen 47% in the last year.


(AgapePress) ...The head of the American Family Association is denouncing the Dannon Yogurt Company for a new ad that refers to God as a woman. Dr. Donald Wildmon says it is obvious that Dannon is trying to get the support of the most radical wing of the feminist movement, without regard to how Christians feel about such depictions. Wildmon says it is obvious that all Dannon wanted to do is "slap" and "poke fun at" Christians by the reference. He says the ad really does not make sense, other than they wanted to insult Christians. The ad can be viewed at the websites for and Wildmon suggests the best way Christians can respond to the ad is simply to stop purchasing Dannon yogurt and other Dannon products.


(AgapePress) ...A Colorado congressman says he cannot believe the mainstream media has virtually ignored the murder of a 28-year-old federal park ranger at the U.S.-Mexican border. For example, Tancredo says everyone knows the name "Matthew Shepard" because the press made the murdered homosexual a martyr. But yet, Tancredo says, very few people know the name "Kris Eggle," the ranger killed this year by a suspected Mexican drug runner. Tancredo says the press is ignoring what is going on along the U.S.-Mexican border. "It is a war zone. They are being shot at and killed," Tancredo says, "But we pretend as though it does not even exist." Tancredo adds that if a Mexican policeman had been murdered by a U.S. citizen, there would be an international outrage - and the international press would be up-in-arms over the incident.


(AgapePress) ...Young women who may be looking for work as an exotic dancer now have access to a toll-free service that warns of the dangers of working in that field and what they can expect once on the job. The Cincinnati-based group Citizens for Community Values has established the Dancer Hotline. CCV spokesman David Miller says the goal is to give young women information they have probably never heard anywhere else and to save them from a lot of "potential pain." Miller says several former dancers have recorded their experiences on this hotline and can identify with the attraction and the lure that unsuspecting girls may be feeling toward such a career. Through their experience, callers find out the reality of it all. That reality, says Miller is an industry that exposes them to physical abuse, low self-esteem, various emotional disorders, and the accompanying drug and alcohol abuse. The Dancer Hotline toll-free number is 866-232-4112.


(AgapePress) ...A leading pro-family spokesman says a lot can be learned from a list published this month by a major pro-homosexual group. The Human Rights Campaign outlined which companies are most "homosexual friendly." Thirteen U.S. companies scored a perfect "100%." But Peter LaBarbera of the Culture and Family Institute thinks most people will want to use the list from the bottom, up. Cracker Barrel Restaurants, Emerson Electric Company, and Lockeed-Martin scored a perfect "zero" on the pro-homosexual list. LaBarbera encourages people to tell Cracker Barrel why they support them - or Emerson and Lockeed-Martin - so these corporations get some feedback. But, LaBarbera says, the number of companies embracing homosexual-friendly policies is growing. He says it is difficult to find companies willing to take a stand against the homosexual agenda. Companies rated the "gay-friendliest" include Aetna, American Airlines, Apple Computer, and Kodak


(AgapePress) ...A new survey concurs with what many pro-family groups have been claiming about homosexuals in the priesthood. Catholic University of American recently conducted a survey of more than 1,200 Catholic priests. With over 70% responding, the survey indicates that half of the priests believe there is a homosexual subculture within the priesthood. Pete LaBarbera of the Culture and Family Institute says there is now good research, which shows that a majority of priests surveyed acknowledge the problem exists. LaBarbera also feels there are many more people who believe such a subculture exists, but were too intimidated or did not want to respond to the survey. The survey also probed seminarians, of whom 41% believe the subculture exists in the seminaries as well. LaBarbera says one author called it "the elephant in the sacristy." He says the pro-homosexual lobby is working hard to protect this subculture and the acceptance of homosexual priests.

Editors Note: I am curious as to why the leader of the Catholic church doesn't speak out against homosexuality and sexual perversion as the Holy Bible does? Maybe it's because God's word is not their full and complete authority. The proof is in the puddin'.


(AgapePress) ...Barbara Coe never aspired to found the California Coalition for Immigration Reform. But in 1991, she was informed by government officials that the disabled World War II veteran she was caring for would be denied government health benefits. She subsequently found out while he was being denied legitimate benefits, billions of American tax dollars were going to illegal aliens. Coe says she was so angered by the travesty that she founded CCIR. She says Californians and all other Americans need to wake up and put pressure on lawmakers to stop pandering to illegal aliens when American citizens who risked their lives for freedom are being denied the help they need. Coe says her veteran is consistently denied benefits while people who are here illegally "just march in ahead of him and get everything for free." She says illegal aliens are given "priority one" in hospital emergency rooms because they know the U.S. government will pay.


(AgapePress) ...No, we're not making this up. A spokesman for a Washington-based think tank says it is quite disturbing that Libyan dictator Mu'ammar al Qadhafi has been selected to head the United Nations Commission on Human Rights beginning next year. Although it has not been highly publicized in the United States, British television network Sky News has reported that Qadhafi has been picked to head the organization that is supposed to be an international watchdog on human rights. Nile Gardner, a visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation, says it is a very serious development when the leader of a nation which has a long record on human rights violations - and support for terrorism - becomes chairman of what is a very influential organization. Gardner thinks the story is very serious and suggests the United Nations is, increasingly, becoming an organization catering to the whim of Third World extremists. Qadhafi's one-year term begins in March 2003.


(AgapePress) ...Pro-family activist Gary Bauer is just one of many conservative Christians having problems with the Bush Administration. Several appointments of homosexuals to administrative posts have made a difficult situation for pro-family advocates. Adding to the problem is the fact that the Administration permitted "homosexual pride" celebrations in several agencies of government in June. Bauer he cannot comprehend why a conservative president, who is an avowed Christian, would permit such things to go on in any government department under his command. Yet, it has happened - and apparently, with the administration's blessings. Bauer says the president could suffer at the polls this fall unless things change.

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