"Thanks for lifting us up with Connection!"

A correspondence from astronaut Carl Walz, to Connection Magazine's editor Jon Hanna after Walz completed a record breaking mission on the International Space Station. Walz has logged more hours in space than any other American astronaut and has been a long-time reader of Connection Magazine .

"It's not like every time they send something we call over and ask, 'Did you mean it?'"

-Ken Kaiser, spokesman for Minnesota Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer, after Ms. Kiffmeyer refused to rescind Gov. Jesse Ventura's proclamation that a week in October would be "Christian Heritage Week." The governor said the proclamation was a mistake.

"When people?blow themselves up, and the religious leaders of this religion say nothing, something's wrong here."

-Evangelist Franklin Graham, on Fox's Hannity & Colmes, asked whether Islam is an evil religion.

"I never dreamed that the day would come, as mayor of the City of God, I would have to collect the pieces of bodies in the streets of my city."

-Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert at Calvary Temple Assembly of God in Irving, Texas.

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